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teacher at a university or college (especially at Cambridge or Oxford)

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Very likely she was in the garden; for my preceptor came hastily downstairs.
And as paper,' remarked my preceptor, 'naturally unfolds in water, the young man would not be surprised at finding nothing, after all, but the letter wide open.
There are some things that simply cannot be learned in a lecture theatre and I treasure each exhausting hour I spend on the floor, learning, observing, participating, practising and soaking up whatever knowledge I can at the hands of my clinical nurse preceptor (RN partner).
The Preceptorship framework aims to provide the basis for local organisations to develop a custom-made preceptor programme appropriate for the local area profile and priorities.
Teaching nursing students in the practice setting as a clinical instructor and/or preceptor for nursing students three of the last five years
She is actively involved with Southwestern Oklahoma State University's School of Pharmacy; participating on the dean's advisory board, foundation board, and student's preceptor program.
The focus of the day s activities centered on educational innovation, arrival of new faculty, leading research themes, and results of faculty-led initiatives, including clinical preceptor training in aspirational abortion and the continued development of Diversity in Action (DIVA) training modules.
With the financial support of RWJF, the APIN grant team created the mentor and preceptor programs to help build a stronger nursing workforce.
We determined that the experience of the trainee's preceptor and the "spirit of learning" embodied by the practicum site are two of the most significant driving forces.
Another scenario presented a new nurse asking a preceptor for help in learning a new skill only to have the preceptor roll their eyes in exasperation at having another responsibility to help others.
Students should be given a safe environment to discuss commonly used terms with the preceptor to increase their knowledge and comfort using these words.
She says candidates for the course would logically include those who are doing the job of preceptor without the title--providing orientations on a unit, perhaps--and those who have hesitated at filling these clinical roles for lack of confidence in their teaching skills.
I am now a preceptor that can speak at length about some of the issues I struggled to memorize but never lived those years ago.
This model places students at one facility for their two-year clinical education, and pairs each student with an experienced, trained RN preceptor.