precentral gyrus

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the convolution of the frontal lobe that is bounded in back by the central sulcus and that contains the motor area

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DWI-MR revealed a high intensity signal in the right precentral gyrus at the high convexity area (Fig.
This artery bifurcates in 72% of individuals and irrigate the posterior precentral gyrus and the inferior portion of the post-central gyrus.
The significant regions are the postcentral gyrus, precentral gyrus, insula, inferior parietal lobule, transverse temporal gyrus, superior temporal gyrus, and inferior semilunar lobule in the grey matter and the postcentral gyrus, inferior parietal lobule, precentral gyrus, subgyrus, middle temporal gyrus, lingual gyrus, cuneus, and middle occipital gyrus in the white matter (Figure 6).
Abbreviations: AC = anterior commissure, ACA = anterior cerebral artery, ahPCG = arm-hand region of precentral gyrus, BRRC = Brain Rehabilitation Research Center, CIMT = constraint-induced movement therapy, CT = computed tomography, DTT = diffusion tensor tractographic, fMRI = functional magnetic resonance imaging, MAL = Motor Activity Log, MCA = middle cerebral artery, MRI = magnetic resonance imaging, PC = posterior commissure, PVWM = periventricular white matter, SD = standard deviation, UL = upper limb, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs.
Seizures were recorded and the seizure focus was localized to the inferior precentral gyrus and prefrontal area.
4), located in the precentral gyrus and anterior paracentral gyrus.
FAS can result from lesions in brain areas involved in speech production, including precentral gyrus, premotor mid-frontal gyrus, left subcortical prerolandic gyrus, postrolandic gyri, and left parietal area.
The independent samples t-test revealed that recent users had greater SWM response than abstinent users in the following regions: a large cluster spanning medial bilateral cingulate, medial frontal gyrus, and left superior and middle frontal gyri (Brodmann's area [BA] 8); medial bilateral superior frontal gyrus (BA 6/8); left insula and precentral gyrus (BA 13); and right insula and inferior frontal gyrus (BA 13; see Table 3 and Figure 3).
Areas of activation were observed bilaterally in the middle temporal gyrus (BA21) and the inferior frontal gyrus (BA47), the medial frontal gyrus (BA6) of the left hemisphere, the middle frontal gyrus (BA46) and the precentral gyrus (BA6)of the right hemisphere.
These are probably part of a neural network that involves most cortical areas (especially in the inferior parietal lobule, precentral gyrus and posterior part of the inferior frontal gyrus) that seems important for the cortical representation of sequential information and for learning from the observation of patterns of behaviour of others.
But those patients who had higher fitness levels had significantly greater white matter volume in the hippocampus, inferior temporal gyrus, and precentral gyrus.