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the musical director of a choir

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The role of the director was thereby elevated above that of an ordinary precentor (regent): he needed to become a highly educated musical performer with multifaceted training.
But the triumph of Protestantism came at a high price: it involved the displacement of the clerical elite of England, not merely the bishops, but hundreds of cathedral dignitaries--deans, precentors, chancellors, arch-deacons and prebendaries, more than half of whom refused to serve in Elizabeth's Protestant church.
Since some preachers or precentors lacked any formal musical or choral training, poor singing sometimes transpired.
In Chinese, however, Jewishness is translated as something akin to "Jewish style"; rabbis, as noted, are missionaries; and the officials who lead Jewish congregations in prayer become the precentors who lead the Christian church choir.
In Worms, the women had a separate building only connected to the main synagogue by a gallery, and medieval records make reference to two lady precentors with the very picturesque names of Urania and Richenza in Worms and Nuremberg respectively.
41) "We decree that the clergy [klerikous] of this church should receive as their [cash] allowances and grain allowances the following: the leading priests should each receive fifteen hyperpyra nomismata and twenty-five maritime modioi of grain each, the four precentors six similar nomismata each and fifteen similar modioi of grain each, the eight orphans or lamplighters the same amount, the four graptai four similar nomismata each and twelve maritime modioi of grain each.