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Synonyms for precedence

Synonyms for precedence

the act, condition, or right of preceding

Synonyms for precedence

status established in order of importance or urgency

the act of preceding in time or order or rank (as in a ceremony)

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The exact algorithm is based on dynamic programming, which takes into consideration the last vertices in all precedence constraints visited by the salesman rather than all the vertices visited.
contention that LoP status could be given to the leader of Congress-led UPA coalition as there is no such precedence.
A contract of sale will not be granted precedence over any pre-existing mortgage unless the purchaser (or developer/vendor) pays the mortgage lender as described above.
The delineation of precedence should address how warrant officers will be categorized by rank with respect to officer utilization and recognition.
We learnt of a few events that had been held in which Lord Mayors have not taken precedence over other attendees in terms of speeches and seating.
C[pounds sterling]Working with a dedicated expert channel partner such as Precedence gives us the ability to deliver high quality professional graphic solutions into a demanding end user base that understands colour and print.
Acyclicity test of the graph of precedence relations
Yet in scholarly circles, adult-centered analysis of religious practice takes precedence over children's experience.
I HAVE THE HOLIDAY ISSUE (December 2005) with General Patton on the front cover, and the first thing I noticed was that the ribbons on his Ike jacket were way off base as far as being in the order of precedence.
Only about one in four Russians, for instance, are now prepared to sacrifice their own living standards for the sake of national greatness, and in one Levada Center poll only 12 percent said the state's interests take precedence over human rights.
Rebuilding took precedence over Halloween festivities in Key West after Hurricane Wilma slammed the city on October 24.
However, the safety and well-being of everybody involved in the show takes precedence, and we're confident that the amazing talent and expertise that characterize our staff and crews will make this sudden change possible, and we'll have a great event.
Philadelphia's poor performance on the PSSA standardized tests has raised the concern that reading and writing should take precedence over the new history class.
Since 1982, the Canadian constitution recognizes three aboriginal cultures--Metis, Inuit and First Nations--yet the Journal continues to misuse, and therefore sets legal precedence that permits all Anglicans the understanding that the Metis do not exist.