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the stipend assigned by a cathedral to a canon

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Beyond Prebends Bridge we pass a riverside boat house and at the nearby metal sculpture we turn away from the river bank and head up the slope (with the Old Fulling Mill below on our left).
According to the theory of prebendalism, state offices are regarded as prebends that can be appropriated by office holders, who use them to generate material benefits for themselves and their cronies.
You can even read part of his Grey Towers Of Durham poem on the city's Prebends bridge if you take a stroll around the River Wear guarding this medieval city.
John Davies was enjoying a walk with his wife Joan when he spotted a woman struggling in the River Wear, near Prebends Bridge, Durham.
That same year Fuller left his parish in Broadwindsor (in the gift of his uncle Davenant), 'none of the worst of livings and one of the best prebends [in Salisbury] in England' to freelance as a 'lecturer' in various London churches.
Durham's 'Light and Darkness' strategy, in a plan called 2020 Vision, is unique in that it incorporates protection and enhancement of dark areas to make it more friendly to the bats that haunt dark wooded area around the Prebends B ridge.
Schaper refers to the temple prebends of the Babylonian kings to support his contention.
Osyth's into prebends, constituting for each "the necessities of life, 60 acres of land, as well as tithes and altar offerings.
In the typical fashion of patrimonialism, politics remains a cottage industry with significant economic gains for the favoured: it offers exclusive access to public sector jobs seen as sinecures for prebends and economic rents for the privileged elite.
Moreover, the Lavalas "base" might fear that future political arrangements with certain sectors of the opposition might exclude it from the prebends of public office.
Less than 40 years after this survey had been undertaken, the traveller, Celia Fiennes, was describing the city in unexpectedly glowing terms:'The town has good houses, ye Close has ye Bishops and Deanes and prebends houses which are good; the streetes are very neate and handsome, ye Breadth and length very well and the building handsome.
He identifies approximately 410 families and studies their patterns over this long period: geographical distribution; separation from both the upper nobility and the burghers; fiefholding from Franconian princes, counts, and barons; monopolization of prebends in the cathedral chapters of Wurzburg and Bamberg; officeholding in territorial states; participation in tournaments; and the formation of the association of Imperial knights of Franconia.
The question Aquinas attempts to answer is this: "Is it a mortal sin to have many prebends with no care of souls without a dispensation?
In exchange for their services, public employees were offered more adequate wages and salaries, while prebends were outlawed.