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Afterwards he had, to fulfill the prearranged cipher, to fill in any two words in each space.
One is not even made wet by the rain nor cold by the frost; while death, instead of stalking about grewsome and accidental, becomes a prearranged pageant, moving along a well-oiled groove to the family vault, where the hinges are kept from rusting and the dust from the air is swept continually away.
At the end of the week, as had been prearranged, the telegraphers of Germany and the United States returned to their posts.
Crawling carefully through the vegetation, making use of such trees and bushes as afforded shelter, I came at last almost within easy range of my quarry, when the antlered head of the buck went suddenly into the air, and then, as though in accordance with a prearranged signal, the whole band moved slowly off, farther inland.
Our cab was awaiting us outside, and our programme was evidently prearranged, for the driver started off at once at a rapid pace.
In accordance with their prearranged plan, she never spoke to Alfred Inglethorp.
He was to undertake either by himself, or by a trustworthy representative--to receive at a prearranged address, on certain prearranged days in every year, a note from the Colonel, simply stating the fact that he was a living man at that date.
Year after year, on the prearranged days, the prearranged letter came from the Colonel, and was opened by Mr.
If there had been nothing else, this incident alone would have suggested a prearranged conspiracy to my mind.
In an effort to implement the terms of the prearranged restructuring expeditiously, Hawker Beechcraft and some of its subsidiaries have filed voluntary petitions under Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code in the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.
Company Initiates Voluntary Chapter 11 Process to Implement Prearranged Restructuring
Neff Rental, a national, privately owned construction equipment rental company, has announced that the company and certain of its affiliates have commenced a prearranged reorganization under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in New York to deleverage the company's balance sheet and eliminate more than $400 million of debt.
lt;strong>Reader's Digest plans prearranged bankruptcy</strong>
Because, in this case, there was no evidence of a prearranged plan, the court accepted OBH's claim that it had borrowed the money simply to expand its insurance subsidiary.
State parks officials found emergency funds to continue paying two part- time weekend workers, and the museum will also remain open through early June for prearranged group tours Tuesdays and Thursdays, although curator Edra Moore will be the only paid worker during the week.