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Year after year, on the prearranged days, the prearranged letter came from the Colonel, and was opened by Mr.
Afterwards he had, to fulfill the prearranged cipher, to fill in any two words in each space.
When we had reached a point some ten feet from the secret doorway I halted my companion, and cautioning him to remain absolutely motionless until I gave the prearranged signal I quickly turned my back to the door through which I could almost feel the burning and baleful eyes of our would be executioner.
Crawling carefully through the vegetation, making use of such trees and bushes as afforded shelter, I came at last almost within easy range of my quarry, when the antlered head of the buck went suddenly into the air, and then, as though in accordance with a prearranged signal, the whole band moved slowly off, farther inland.
In accordance with their prearranged plan, she never spoke to Alfred Inglethorp.
If there had been nothing else, this incident alone would have suggested a prearranged conspiracy to my mind.
Dubai: The family of a British journalist, who is accused of premeditatedly killing his wife in July, testified in court that the couple had prearranged plans for family commitments in London last summer.
The coverage is in effect while the driver is logged onto the TNC's digital network used to arrange rides, or while the driver is transporting a passenger as part of a prearranged ride.
Airport taxi firms with queue-type deals will have until 1st May to transfer their contracts to prearranged pickups.
He said he would stop the practice in presidential press conferences where questions are prescreened or prearranged.
SEC enforcement division asset management unit co-chief, Marshall Sprung, said, 'Instead of playing by the rules, Huang engaged in prearranged trading schemes that benefited some clients while harming others.
8 million to settle charges that one of its portfolio managers unlawfully conducted prearranged trading known as "parking" that favored certain advisory client accounts over others, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced on Wednesday.
Hamilton to participating in a fraudulent scheme involving the sale of prearranged funeral contracts and monetary transactions involving the proceeds of that scheme.
In an effort to implement the terms of the prearranged restructuring expeditiously, Hawker Beechcraft and some of its subsidiaries have filed voluntary petitions under Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code in the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.
Neff Rental, a national, privately owned construction equipment rental company, has announced that the company and certain of its affiliates have commenced a prearranged reorganization under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in New York to deleverage the company's balance sheet and eliminate more than $400 million of debt.