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Synonyms for preamble

Synonyms for preamble

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a preliminary introduction to a statute or constitution (usually explaining its purpose)

make a preliminary introduction, usually to a formal document

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Because the rules contained in the final regulations may well differ in material respects from those proposed, the preamble to the proposed regulations instructs taxpayers not to change a method of accounting in reliance upon the proposed regulations, but instead to wait for the final regulations.
While the bill retains the wording of ''on the basis of the spirit of the Constitution'' in the law's preamble, it adds calls for public spirit and inheritance of tradition, and a newly defined notion of patriotism as a goal of education.
The preamble states that Canada was founded on principles that recognize the supremacy of God.
Since the text was unveiled in 2002, the governments of Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovakia, Italy and Malta, together with the Vatican, have argued that the constitution's preamble carry an explicit reference to Christianity.
The proposal called for displaying the Decalogue alongside six other documents, including the Magna Carta and the preamble to the Idaho Constitution.
The new law, which opens with a preamble to establish core principles including an explicit reference to Quebec's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, says that poverty is an obstacle to the protection of and respect for human dignity that is necessary in a society committed to right and freedoms.
In contrast, for qualified plans, the preamble states: " .
The preamble tO the section 7872 proposed regulations says no transaction is to be treated under the regulations as a significant-effect loan until regulations under section 7872(c)(1)(E) are proposed.
The Food and Drug Administration's Preamble to its final rule on "Colorants for Polymers," published August 30, states that "under normal conditions, colorants (1) have been shown to migrate to food from polymers, (2) are food additives, and (3) are subject to.
The device switches off the TPM module when it is not needed to extend the module's battery life time and wakes up the module only if a valid preamble has been detected.
The Salafi Al-Nour Party reiterated its insistence on providing a clear definition of the "principles of Islamic Sharia" within the new constitution amid disagreement over the constitution's preamble.
The text of the preamble was not made public, but the Vatican had said it "states some doctrinal principles and criteria for the interpretation of Catholic doctrine necessary to guarantee fidelity" with formal church teaching, including the teaching of the Second Vatican Council.
LE BARDO (TAP) - The Commission in charge of drafting the preamble, fundamental principles and amendment to the Constitution decided on Monday to call on national figures and constitutional law experts to take advantage of their experience at both intellectual and technical levels.
IT was their grandmother Leila Seth's big evening but Nandini, 9, and Anamika, 5, stole the show, along with three other sets of siblings, as they took faltering steps on stage for a dramatised reading from the former Delhi High Court judge's illustrated book, We, The Children of India: The Preamble To Our Constitution ( Puffin).
According to the preamble to the final regulations, the IRS and Treasury are still considering the use of statistical sampling.