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Synonyms for preadolescent

of or relating to or designed for children between the ages of 9 and 12


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See also Furfey, The Gang Age: A Study of the Preadolescent Boy and His Recreational Needs (New York, 1926) and J.
6 percent) and preadolescent and adolescent minors (3.
Behavior state matching during interactions of preadolescent friends versus acquaintances.
Coaches, officials, parents and athletic program designers should view the preadolescent years as a time for teaching fundamental motor skills, the Academy says.
Completely entering the mind of his resilient, preadolescent protagonist, Curtis tells the story of his search for a place to belong in language that is authentic, funny and unselfconsciously ironic.
A professional sociologist, he is both "a voyeur and researcher" in that world--an exotic, yet utterly familiar, summer civilization--where he "learned hotel life as a preadolescent ethnographer" (pp.
Walker saw radio, then still a preadolescent, as a potential threat to newspapers, but thought its growth as a news medium would be good.
The Extreme Zone line is designed to appeal to preadolescent snowboarders, while Victorian Lace allows kids to play princess.
Dynamics of Inclusion and Exclusion in Preadolescent Cliques, Social Psyche Quarterly, 58(3), 145-162.
If he is to be criticized, it is because he did not make it clear that all the information he put into four tables pertaining specifically to orgasm in preadolescent boys {tables 31 through 34} came from one man.
This article discusses sexuality and related issues of the preadolescent and adolescent female with epilepsy.
Television also tends to distort perceptions of reality, particularly for impressionable preadolescent children.
L'Enfant meduse is a story of incest; the beautiful half-brother ravishes the once-happy child Lucie, shattering for her the charm of preadolescent innocence and teaching her prematurely the cold nothingness of death.
The study showed that even when a preadolescent child's normal dietary calcium intake met the recommended dally allowance of 800 rag, additional calcium significantly increased the gain of hone mass," says Dr.