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a sermon on a moral or religious topic


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However, The Education of a British-Protected Child suffers from an overlay of sanctimonious preachment as well as superficial solutions to leadership issue in Africa (Nigeria).
Gaddaffi's preachment and stance as anti colonialist, anti imperialist and anti apartheid endeared him to me in my youth and college days.
good preachment from a high governmental pulpit, and strictly in line with President Roosevelt's recent earnest appeal to the nation to lay aside all class and race discrimination in a united effort to bring material, spiritual and man power resources of the nation into the first-line battle of war--the production of tools of war.
which had its punch and its pathos, but to me, talking about preachment and propaganda, it surrendered to that.
A preachment that recusant wives risk bearing two-headed babies remains sensational, even when rooted in and explicitly connected to an educated consideration of England's religious dividedness.
By analyzing the graph from figure 2 is certain a very good preachment between the values determinate experimental (measured) and the theoretical ones so, in consequently, the values are low, fact which evidence the low influence of interactions on answer.
However much the preachment of tolerance and adjoined hopes for a more pluralistic society reassuringly resonate, they should not drown out clear, and sharp debates over immigration, and integral matters of labor, taxes, public spending, and associated issues of fairness, equality, and the nature of citizenship.
It was a favorite preachment of President Ronald Reagan that "private charity can do the job.
made their lewde and trayterous preachment unto the people: wherein they stoode not onely upon the wordes of their former crye, but (so neere as I could learne from so common an Auditorie, and in so confused an action) they reading something out of a paper, went more particularly over the office and calling of Hacket: how he represented Christ, by partaking a part of his glorified body .
And it was from this popular pulpit that he delivered his 23-year preachment to a faithful congregation of devout and devoted readers.
As preachment, Cover Girls goes far in reaching its goal.
But to Basho's students the poem that concludes the passage--an artifact most likely produced in surroundings much less rustic [30]--must also have registered as a preachment on the new Basho style, which allowed for the inclusion of "vulgar" vocabulary but aimed at returning to the tone of high seriousness of classical poetry.
This is the philosophy of preachment, the instructor as authority figure, which immediately places an intellectual chasm between student and teacher.