preacher man

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someone whose occupation is preaching the gospel

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Son of a Preacher Man explores what happens when a father's disappointment leads down the road of shame when his eldest son doesn't quite follow the path he has laid out for him.
T he Reverend is one of the biggest names on the Sheffield music scene - and now the preacher man of music is hoping to convert some fans in Leeds.
The rest of the tale is in young Bakker's book, Son of a Preacher Man (reviewed in Sojourners, September-October 2001) and in the Sundance series.
Moore's second book, Odie Dodie, The Life and Crimes of a Travelin' Preacher Man, is now available for purchase.
I didn't realize it until the crazy preacher man blew his stack, but apparently, the wacko right was a key part of Cheney's secret energy task force.
Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth (Wicked) will play the lesbian '60s British pop superstar, whose hits included "Son of a Preacher Man," in a Universal feature written and directed by Jessica Sharzer.
Dusty, whose hits included I Only Want To Be With You and Son Of A Preacher Man, lost her long battle with breast cancer earlier this month.
Well as the preacher man told us at the end of Pulp Fiction the tyranny of evil does not disappear just because we change the channel.
Shuttin' Detroit Down" is featured on Rich's new album, Son Of A Preacher Man, which debuted last week at No.
PREACHER MAN Damian Lewis will swap US for the Scottish islands when he shoots new film
Bring Me the Head of the Preacher Man by Brian Young
Even so, with her romantic CV she is the black widow with two ex-husbands now dead - Owen and Kevin - and a third, mad preacher man Lucas, serving life for two murders.
Robert Duvall in The Apostle HE may have a hotline to the Man Upstairs but that doesn't mean Robert Duvall's southern preacher man isn't a bit tasty with a baseball bat.
This horror, following Friday prayers at a mosque, came in response to the public burning of the Koran at the Florida church run by hell-fire red-necked preacher man Terry Jones.