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existing previously or before something

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State plans can be useful as a last-ditch option, and they can work especially well if a client has a pre-existing condition that most carriers won't cover, said Cavaness.
Because of pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, heart conditions--and even pregnancy--a significant number of Montanans feel that they need to stay in their current jobs because of their health insurance situation, the survey found.
Workers' compensation benefits for accidents involving pre-existing diseases or anomalies accelerated or aggravated by a work accident are to be provided subject to the "apportionment statute.
It is wrong and impractical to commit ourselves to healthcare reform without addressing the faulty and ill-advised pre-existing condition exclusion," Representative Joe Courtney, the bill's chief House sponsor, said.
These exclusions typically preclude coverage for disability that begins within 12 months of the coverage effective date if the disability is caused by a pre-existing condition.
After complaining that his "cover-worthy" photos always wind up in Photograffiti, Domella spliced together a bizarre collage of a pre-existing Darrell Stanton 360 with some random Japanese dude's head on it.
Written by professional trial lawyer and history expert John Remington Graham, Blood Money: The Civil War and the Federal Reserve is a scholarly and studious examination of an oft-neglected aspect of the American Civil War--how the great international banking houses augmented the pre-existing antagonisms between North and South, how the Federal Reserve came to be created, and the negative legacies of public debt following the Civil War.
One reason is the dearth of empirical evaluations of the benefits and outcomes of media literacy lessons, including its applicability across differences in culture, media use orientations and pre-existing knowledge.
The structure of the loan included an IRP decoupling, which allowed the pre-existing monthly interest reduction payment (IRP) subsidy to continue after payoff of the current loan.
An autopsy determined that the roller coaster caused the rupture of a pre-existing aneurysm and listed hypertension and heart disease as contributing factors in her death.
They didn't explain what is covered, or make clear what is excluded, or ask about pre-existing medical conditions.
explaining what is covered, making clear what is excluded and asking about pre-existing medical
Representatives from Serota maintain that because the company is seeking to reopen a pre-existing facility, the application does not fall under the standards of the new ordinance.
Changing tunes; the use of pre-existing music in film.
The testing, which is partially funded by the World Bank, will be conducted at 15 sites in Mexico and Canada; pre-existing data will be used for the United States.