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Synonyms for pre-existent

existing previously or before something

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Many customers were not eligible for a policy in the first place, due to being self-employed, working less than 16 hours per week, having a pre-existent medical history or being a student, for example.
One of these will unite the pre-existent concessions into a big food court called Mundo, with food offerings from around the world.
What I have tried to say here is that the text, "No one can come to the Father but by me" need not be interpreted to refer only to the incarnate Logos, for there was also the pre-existent Logos, as the Gospel of John attests (John 1:1).
On the one hand, the social movements demonstrated their capacity to mobilize hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in a successful sustained struggle culminating in the overthrow of the dictator in a way that pre-existent opposition parties and personalities were unable or unwilling to do.
Part B mines the Hebrew Bible to find evidence of activities of the pre-existent messiah; the incarnation; and the messiah's suffering, death and resurrection in the scriptures of Israel before Jesus' earthly life.
Nevertheless, the reliability of much research is limited by the lack of documentation on the presence of pre-existent cardiovascular disease (CVD) and by the use of limited measures of depression or stroke.
Hubert, allied with the notion supported by Baconian science that reality is fixed and knowable, supported the high value placed on "clear arrangement and superficial correctness" and the view of writing merely as a "conduit of pre-existent truth .
We actually studied bulkier masses because that is what one would see in a clinical setting where there are pre-existent tumours, and even in this setting the drug was able to reduce or shrink the tumours," said Sood.
If the differences in the detail of his citations are any indication, Chaudhuri's asymmetrical expertise with the complex of pre-existent Indian cultural customs, artistic norms, ethical and philosophical debates, etc.
The axillary artery was unpalpable due to the large size of the patient's arm and a pre-existent vascular disease.
God is eternally pre-existent, and will continue to be existent when the time He made for man expires.
Reference maps are maps derived from pre-existent data or obtained by pre-event simulations containing cartographic information as well information about climate change, agricultural practices, surface soil moisture, main infrastructure and networks, completed with DEM information and combined in a GIS environment by moving from the 1:100.
Ecocriticism, like all explicitly motivated criticism, threatens to subordinate the objects of its attention to its pre-existent aims.
In Part Seven, the author examines the role of judge-made common law in Malaysia, reviewing a number of cases heard by the Malaysian federal courts, including the 2001 High Court decision that upheld native customary rights as enforceable common law rights, pre-existent and historically protected by previous governments, and therefore still valid.
of British Columbia), and explains the latter as imitating a pre-existent reality as either a thing or an idea.