pre-emptive strike

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a surprise attack that is launched in order to prevent the enemy from doing it to you

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US officials including the Defense Secretary and the CIA director repeatedly talked about DPRK nuclear and missile threat to justify their argument for a military option and a new concept of a so-called 'bloody nose', a limited pre-emptive strike on the DPRK is under consideration within the US administration," Pyongyang's envoy was quoted as saying by Reuters.
military leaders, including Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General John Dunford, Defense Secretary James Mattis, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, have all reportedly expressed concern about a pre-emptive strike.
North Korea accused the United States of seeking to aggravate the situation on the divided peninsula by "deploying large nuclear assets" nearby, laying the ground for a possible pre-emptive strike against it.
4bn to PSI found the from Mr Lewis most ridiculous I have year but as I am such a A nuclear strike, whether it is a pre-emptive strike or a retaliatory strike, will always put us at risk H John
Pakistan has already stated its displeasure on any notions of pre-emptive strike.
He said there was no precedent of even a failed pre-emptive strike against a nuclear state and even in South Asia the concept had long been laid to rest.
The confrontations come as part of the continued pre-emptive strikes against militants in North Sinai.
There are cases when the thought about the international reaction to a pre-emptive strike is not equal to taking a strategic hit," he said.
Would a pre-emptive strike against any of the "Axis of Evil" countries pre-empt acts of terrorism?
It does not, however, have the right to embark on a pre-emptive strike on a perceived dodgy neighbour.
As the Pentagon chief touched down in Tel Aviv late on Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave an interview in which he said he had not yet decided on whether to launch a pre-emptive strike on Iran.
Last week, Russia's top military officer threatened to carry out a pre-emptive strike on U.
Israel, the US, Britain and others suspect that the Islamic Republic is using the program as cover for the manufacture of atomic weapons and observers fear a pre-emptive strike may be in the works.
The launch gave an added urgency to a swirling national debate that Netanyahu is pushing his Cabinet to support a pre-emptive strike against Iran despite stern opposition from many in Israel's defense establishment and from the United States.
However, on May 31, 2011, Ya'alon said that the civilized world must take joint action to avert the Iranian nuclear threat, and that action should include a pre-emptive strike if necessary.