pre-emptive strike

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a surprise attack that is launched in order to prevent the enemy from doing it to you

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It may well not be enough, but Mostow is at least personally satisfied with one pre-emptive strike.
The rescue services are often the ones who come off worst, but this time they have launched a pre-emptive strike to head off the aftermath of a disaster that hasn't happened yet.
This would be a pre-emptive strike as far as the humans.
The Court should not be involved in a pre-emptive strike because that supposes the media will engage in something that will not be a fair and accurate report.
Investors have grown increasingly worried that tight labor markets will force the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates as a pre-emptive strike against inflation.
The Federal Reserve slightly raised short-term interest rates Wednesday for the first time in about two years as a pre-emptive strike against inflation.
The Web-site squatters were so surprised by Alter's pre-emptive strike that they were scrambling to come up with people to take shifts in line.
The pre-emptive strike thwarted a "terrorist attack", according to a previous statement by the military spokesman
1967: Israeli forces launch a pre-emptive strike on Egypt.
Darren Millar, chair of the National Assembly's public accounts committee, said: "It does seem to me to be almost giving the impression of a pre-emptive strike by the Welsh Government in order to lead the conversation around which route to take in a certain direction.
He added the new regulations will act as a pre-emptive strike to prevent the practice of private clamping get out of hand.
Sydney, Dec 21 ( ANI ): Cricket Australia (CA) has reportedly set up a dedicated integrity unit as a pre-emptive strike against match-fixing and doping.
In What appears to be a pre-emptive strike, a local legislator has filed a bill to regulate how insurance companies treat gun owners.
Martin Jol is under intense pressure at Fulham after his side's 3-1 defeat by Manchester United yesterday and the FAI's attempt to appoint O'Neill as their new boss could trigger Fulham to make a pre-emptive strike for the Northern Irishman.
Netanyahu, who called Rohani a "wolf in sheep's clothing" despite his "sweet talk", said that fears of an international reaction to a pre-emptive strike do not outweigh the potential benefits of such a move.