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designed or having the power to deter or prevent an anticipated situation or occurrence

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Lacker said, 'While inflation pressures may seem a distant and theoretical concern right now, prudent pre-emptive action can help us avoid the hard-to-predict emergence of a situation that requires more drastic action after the fact.
The union said it hopes this was the last time it has had to comment on incidents of intimidation and pre-emptive censorship, which aim at silencing journalists.
He asserted that the pre-emptive plan had foiled the terrorist plans which could have claimed innocent lives, urging the citizens and residents to cooperate with the security authorities to detect sleeping terrorist cells, and calling on the misled youth to ignore the calls of terrorists who are seeking to cheat them through their erroneous ideology.
BorgWarnefs pre-emptive on-demand transfer case directly connects to the vehicle's control systems, which monitor signals such as steering wheel angle, accelerator pedal position and wheel speed.
Earlier Monday, Pyongyang had warned of pre-emptive and "indiscriminate" nuclear strikes against South Korea and the United States as the two allies started the military exercises.
Of the 77 percent of common shares voted, 92 percent voted in favor of eliminating pre-emptive rights and 88 percent voted in favor of eliminating cumulative voting.
Netanyahu, who called Rohani a "wolf in sheep's clothing" despite his "sweet talk", said that fears of an international reaction to a pre-emptive strike do not outweigh the potential benefits of such a move.
The bonds will be issued without pre-emptive rights to existing shareholders.
We're now living and dying in an age of pre-emptive actions.
VTB Bank's existing shareholders as of April 26, 2013 will have statutory pre-emptive rights to subscribe for New Shares at the price per share in the Offering.
Khamenehi also appeared to repudiate talk that Iran might initiate a pre-emptive war to forestall any military attack on the Islamic Republic.
Summary: Dubai's Noor Islamic Bank ended business relationships with Iranian banks in December last year as a pre-emptive action in relation to US sanctions, Noor said in an email on Wednesday.
The court refused to accept Telenor's request to have pre-emptive shares issued to it in escrow, pending the outcome of a separate arbitration initiated by Telenor that was to rule on whether it had pre-emptive rights to buy new shares.
During the placement InterRAO's minority shareholders can exercise their pre-emptive right to use shares in other publicly traded Russian utilities companies to purchase additional shares in InterRAO.
The National Kidney Foundation guidelines published in 2007 recommend the promotion of early and pre-emptive kidney transplantation; however, only a fraction of transplants are performed preemptively.