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designed or having the power to deter or prevent an anticipated situation or occurrence

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Pursuant to the Datang Subscription Agreement, Datang is deemed to have elected not to exercise the pre-emptive right with respect to the Datang Pre-emptive Shares if it does not respond to the final notice within ten (10) business days following the date of the final notice.
The statement added that the pre-emptive operations are still ongoing towards liberating Hit completely from the control of the terrorist gangs, noting that this operation resulted in the killing of dozens of the IS elements and the destruction of large numbers of their vehicles and their weapons and the lifting of hundreds of improvised explosive devices.
It said the pre-emptive measures including issuance of early warning, preparation for evacuation (if required) of vulnerable communities specially in the coastal areas, mobilization of resources and all the equipment as well as manpower be kept on high alert and ready to respond quickly.
After receipt of such acceptance and assuming no pre-emptive privileges are exercised, Magna will hold a 15% participating interest, with Oilex holding a 30%.
Netanyahu, who called Rohani a "wolf in sheep's clothing" despite his "sweet talk", said that fears of an international reaction to a pre-emptive strike do not outweigh the potential benefits of such a move.
Since improved land, coveted by speculators, was often priced too high for squatters to buy at auction, temporary pre-emptive laws allowed them to acquire it without bidding.
In a press statement, Ground Force Commander General Ali Ghedan said that more than 8,000 well-equipped police and military personnel are participating in the pre-emptive operation, targeting militant hideouts near the long Iraqi-Syrian borders.
VTB Bank expects that the Federal Agency for State Property Management (FASM) will not exercise its statutory pre-emptive rights in connection with the Offering, which is expected to result in a dilution of the FASM's current shareholding of 75.
A survey for cyber security company LogRhythm found that 65 percent of the public backed pre-emptive strikes on enemy states that pose a credible threat to national security.
In relation to the possible C Share issue announced on 22 October 2012, the Board has today resolved that any issue of C shares will be made through a fully pre-emptive open offer, to ensure that any demand from shareholders on the Company's register as at the record date takes priority.
Mohammad Hejazi, a Pasdar officer who is the Number Two ranking officer in the Iranian military as deputy commander of the Joint Staff of the armed forces, reversed the policy by announcing a new policy of pre-emptive war.
Summary: Dubai's Noor Islamic Bank ended business relationships with Iranian banks in December last year as a pre-emptive action in relation to US sanctions, Noor said in an email on Wednesday.
The equity offering and the pre-emptive rights offering in Colombia, which ended on January 27, 2012, will offer Bancolombia around USD892.
and Continental Europe to vote for waivers of pre-emptive rights, in order to promote broader access to equity capital for real estate companies.
During the placement InterRAO's minority shareholders can exercise their pre-emptive right to use shares in other publicly traded Russian utilities companies to purchase additional shares in InterRAO.