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Synonyms for pre-empt


Synonyms for pre-empt

a high bid that is intended to prevent the opposing players from bidding

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Now that Texas does have a statewide ban on texting and driving, I am calling for legislation that fully pre-empts cities and counties from any regulation of mobile devices in vehicles.
They] should pre-empt the approaching crisis and explore alternative careers that they want, love or enjoy while they're still in their mid to late twenties.
Finally, it found that Congressional intent indicated that federal law was not meant to pre-empt state claims involving prescription drugs.
On February 4, asked if she would firstly look again at the issue, and secondly, issue guidance to LHBs to pre-empt the Nice decision, Ms Hart said: "I am happy to say yes to both points you have raised.
A total of 790 officers and police community support officers will mount high-profile patrols over the weekend to pre-empt trouble.
The four primates said the meeting was not meant to pre-empt the primates' meeting, but was only intended to "allow the American, dioceses to express their needs directly to Global South leaders.
I tried to pre-empt North Korea with a proposal for a peaceful diplomatic resolution before they went ahead with a test, but when I was about to finalise it, when we were only hours away from presenting such a proposal, they went ahead with a test, or what they claim was a nuclear test," Chun said.
She noted favorably that the bill would pre-empt California's warnings about acrylamide, a chemical in French fries and potato chips that state officials say causes cancer but that industry groups believe does not.
Therefore, Assad's attempt to pre-empt Mehlis' report is a logical step.
Spokeswoman Vicky Hartzler of the Coalition to Protect Marriage says Missouri citizens want to see marriage protected from a legal challenge and therefore have made their wishes known to pre-empt activist judges.
24, representatives of the industry indicated their unanimous support for a new federal rule that would pre-empt state regulations, specifically the one in California.
The company has claimed the US Copyright Act of 1976 pre-empts the GPL in the same way that a US state's copyright law cannot pre-empt the federal law.
You as a government have got to protect your citizens and in the protection of your citizens if you have to pre-empt something then you have to pre-empt it,'' he told BBC Radio 4's the World at One.
If Pitt were able to push through the board concept by the end of the year, "he would pre-empt a lot of the legislation" being proposed, says Sandra Kinsey, a former SEC attorney who's now a partner with the law firm of Hogan & Hartson in Washington.
Station policies differ on when to pre-empt programming with continual weather coverage, but its always the news department that makes the call.