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Synonyms for pre-eminently

Synonyms for pre-eminently

to a preeminent degree


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These four points, where the Seine intersected the wall of the capital, the Tournelle and the Tour de Nesle on the right, the Tour de Billy and the Tour du Bois on the left, were called pre-eminently, "the four towers of Paris.
Regional and urban transport is pre-eminently suitable for electrification.
The CEO Mehran Television Network Ghulam Nabi Morai said that they lived in a world which was pre-eminently determined by technological, professional corporate and skilled strains.
The Gulf with its largely desert areas is not pre-eminently an agricultural region," says Samar Kadri, Senior Policy Advisor - Agriculture and Food at the Netherlands Consulate General in Dubai.
Our position in that General Olusegun Obasanjo, having served in twice in said capacity and once as a military Head of State, is pre-eminently qualified to speak on the issues he raised, and present a scorecard favourable or not against the President Buhari let government.
After declaring that his objects of worship have always been successful lives and that 'Bhartiya culture' [which surely means RSS culture] does not adore and idealize martyrdom and do not treat 'such martyrs as their heroes', he went on to philosophize that : "There is no doubt that such man who embrace martyrdom are great heroes and their philosophy too is pre-eminently manly.
He also won this event on another two occasions and although pre-eminently a track walker, he took up road race walking.
Over the next 30 years (until retirement) he was pre-eminently responsible for this unit being one of the top training and referral centres in endocrinology in South Africa, as well as the leader in osteoporosis.
58), everything he could remember, as he likes to repeat, using the first person as self-referencing and direct speech, sometimes for dramatic effect, verges on the fabliau style, it is suggested, for he is pre-eminently a storyteller.
On return, he resumed as Professor and Head pre-eminently and later in 2003, was entrusted with the additional responsibility of Director of Research.
The Catholic ethos of the school is pre-eminently modelled by those who govern and lead it, in line with the teachings of the Church.
Gracia takes this to be pre-eminently a hermeneutic project.
It is almost a cliche to say that Australian economists once pre-eminently combined scientific analysis with a humane outlook distilled from Marshall, Pigou and Keynes.
Episodes of "South Park" and "The Simpsons" would be pre-eminently important, and interest in the lives of 19th-century women scientists would be vanishingly small, said Wikipedia activist Sarah Stierch, who is teaching today at the University of Oregon.
The evolving digital requirement is, although I would say this, an area where the leading public relations agencies are pre-eminently positioned.