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Synonyms for pre-eminently

Synonyms for pre-eminently

to a preeminent degree


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What I wished to declare was, that nothing can be a greater happiness to myself, myself-next to the happiness of being united to pre-eminently the most glorious of girls--than to have the happiness of cultivating the affectionate acquaintance of Amy.
He also won this event on another two occasions and although pre-eminently a track walker, he took up road race walking.
Over the next 30 years (until retirement) he was pre-eminently responsible for this unit being one of the top training and referral centres in endocrinology in South Africa, as well as the leader in osteoporosis.
The Catholic ethos of the school is pre-eminently modelled by those who govern and lead it, in line with the teachings of the Church.
Episodes of "South Park" and "The Simpsons" would be pre-eminently important, and interest in the lives of 19th-century women scientists would be vanishingly small, said Wikipedia activist Sarah Stierch, who is teaching today at the University of Oregon.
VVA recommends Senator Chuck Hagel without reservation for quick confirmation as Secretary of Defense, a position for which he is pre-eminently qualified," Rowan concluded.
If you have cancer, or wish to try and protect yourself from getting cancer, give a thought to vitamin D as it protects against some types - pre-eminently breast cancer.
As the other highlights during Furniture China 2012, two pre-eminently important conferences: World Furniture Summit 2012 and World Healthy Sleep Industry Conference 2012 also received much recognition and favourable comments.
In fact, if any house on earth can be called God's house, on account of its association with the divine name, the house is the mosque which pre-eminently deserves the name: all other religious houses seem neglected in comparison.
Although there were precedents, it was pre-eminently F.
The collection spans the years in which Beckett completed the works that established his name: the Trilogy: Molloy, Malone Meurt, L'Innommable and, pre-eminently, Waiting for Godot.
The best-known by far, and pre-eminently the most outstanding, is the Triangulum Australe constellation, which definitely displays the shape most excellently.
Hitler made clear in Mein Kampf that he regarded the Jews and what he called the "Aryans" as the two pre-eminently creative peoples, and that there would be an inevitable struggle between them for control of the world.
The marriage produced three sons, including one of today's most eminent composers, Michael Berkeley, and the music Lennox composed in his post-nuptial years was of pre-eminently high quality, not least the Third Symphony (though the regrettable absence of a list of works in this otherwise splendid book deprives me of easy access to the information of when it was that I reviewed its premiere).
For Loder, he argues, the Christian life is pre-eminently relational, distinguished by a relationship with God that is constituted by Jesus Christ and sustained by the Holy Spirit.