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Indeed, I may say--without vanity, I hope--that I held something like pre-eminence among them.
While the struggle between day and night lasted, Dantes still doubted; but as soon as the daylight gained the pre-eminence, he saw that he was alone with a corpse.
Elizabeth turned and observed her cousin in his night cap, with his head out of his bedroom window, where his zeal for pre-eminence, in defiance of the weather, had impelled him to thrust it.
And nothing doth extinguish envy more, than for a great person to preserve all other inferior officers, in their full lights and pre-eminences of their places.
The two leaders reaffirmed the pre-eminence of mutual understanding and agreed to work together to identify further ways to enhance strategic partnerships.
It still will be the landmark event for a few, but there is no doubting that the preponderance of cricket's shorter forms is chipping away at the pre-eminence of the five-day game.
I write in response to The Journal headline of Tuesday, September 9 about the plan for St Nicholas's Cathedral that 'will make the most of the jewel in the city's crown' While making the cathedral into a city centre community is very commendable, the only way to restore the cathedral to its former pre-eminence is to remove all those horrible buildings at the bottom of the Bigg Market and thus create a vast lovely space in front of the cathedral which can be filled with pavement cafes, fountains, flowerbeds etc.
It will facilitate greater cross-border RMB investment and financing by businesses, and promote greater trade and economic links between China and the region, paving the way for better financial co-operation and enhancing the pre-eminence of Qatar as the financial hub in Mena.
Bahrain, of course, smartly capitalised on the fall of Beirut as the regional financial centre following Lebanon's disastrous civil war, and despite the time afterwards when the conflict was over and all was again claimed to be 'hunky dory' again, it has not assumed its earlier position of pre-eminence.
That, alongside these other recent deals signifies a real vote of confidence from leading high street occupiers - testament to the pre-eminence of our location, impressive footfall and low vacancy rates.
It forms part of Kraft's Gevalia single-serve coffee system and offers further evidence of RPC's pre-eminence in the fast-growing capsule market, where the new cup offers the long shelf-life required by customers.
Tourism arrivals are in the millions within the UAE and proof enough of the growing pre-eminence as a preferred holiday destination, which is fuelling the need for more hotel rooms and projects.
The models are to compete with the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry for pre-eminence in the highly competitive mid-size sedan sector.
In any other sport, such statistical pre-eminence and territorial dominance would have led to a foregone conclusion.
This renumbering of stalls may seem to some a trivial matter, but to me it is yet another step on the way to Britain losing its pre-eminence.