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the common mantis

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A historical review of praying mantids taxonomy and systematics in the Neotropical region: state of knowledge and recent advances (Insecta: Mantodea).
The Risk of cannibalism and male mating behavior in the Mediterranean Praying Mantid Iris oratoria.
In the present research, the relation between body size and distance determination using peering movements, and using the convergence angle between the two compound eyes, has been studied for the first time in praying mantids of different ages.
The risk of cannibalism and male mating behaviour in the Mediterranean praying mantid Iris oratoria.
Egg dispersion in two species of praying mantids (Mantodea: Mantidae).
Geographic variation in genital morphology of Ciulfina praying mantids.
My Mum loves bugs more passionately than anyone I've ever met: she hatched praying mantids on her mother's curtains as a child.
Sources of mortality not modeled, but witnessed by us, are predation by other wolf spiders (especially the sympatric Rabidosa punctulata, Hentz 1844) and praying mantids.
Biological control has asserted itself as beneficial insects such as praying mantids, assassin bugs, green lacewings, lady beetles, ground beetles, and hover flies rule supreme.
Get up close and personal with live giant walking sticks, alien-eyed praying mantids and glow-in-the-dark scorpions.
Exotic insects such as beetles, praying mantids, stick insects, and giant millipedes can be seen in the Insect City.
External application was done by dropping the secretion on the body of ants, termites, mouth parts of the praying mantids and the eyes and skin of mice and rats.