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a cylinder with prayers written on it

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One can also see the strong presence of Buddha and prayer wheels in his paintings.
Gently smiling monks, knowledge shared, hands clasped around cups of tea, the spin of prayer wheels by weathered fingers, shy children staring at you curiously from behind their mother's striped pangden--the aprons worn by women to signify they are married.
Prayer Wheel was later sold to compete in point-to-points, but when Prince Babar emerged to boost the family, was sought out and bought back by her breeder.
During the tour, Moench demonstrates his process to make prayer wheels on a potter's wheel.
Allow individuals to hang up sun catchers and prayer wheels.
He got a break when Ginsberg spoke, since the poet stuck to his own schtick, revved up his prayer wheel, and soon had us all chanting "Om .
Specific interventions taught included the focusing method, a forgiveness model, the prayer wheel, and meditation.
There is no easier way to make your opinion known--one cynic of my acquaintance compared it to spinning a prayer wheel.
Dillard loves the challenge of seeing a poem as a game; I like to imagine her delight at the challenge she took on in a poem that plays a very different sort of trick with Jesus: "The Man Who Wishes to Feed on Mahogany" (this and subsequent quotations are from Tickets for a Prayer Wheel, University of Missouri Press, 1974).
Expect millions of tiny Buddhist prayer wheel pins.
Dillard's first published book was a collection of poetry, Tickets for a Prayer Wheel (1974).
But then the logic of progress is sometimes questionable as some of the museum artefacts show, such as a Buddhist prayer wheel with forty-five miles of microfilmed prayer, driven by electricity, and a shrine clock from Lourdes which can play |Ave Maria' at 6pm which was found in the local Barras market and bought for 6 [pounds].
Her other titles include Tickets for a Prayer Wheel (1974), poetry; Holy the Firm (1977); Living By Fiction (1978), about contemporary fiction; Encounters with Chinese Writers (1984); and The Writing Life (1989).
His Holiness will also bless a Buddhist Prayer Wheel hand crafted by Tibetan metal smiths and monks, and generously donated by local philanthropist, Albert J.