prayer rug

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a small rug used by Muslims during their devotions

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The libraries of Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUarts Qatar) have announced the winners of the Modern Prayer Rug Design competition.
having a prayer rug, corresponding with a religious advisor, maintaining a religious diet and observing religious holidays) did not make denial of the beard an insubstantial burden on his religious exercise.
David Dewhurst doubled down on claims that Muslim prayer rugs had been found on the Texas-Mexico border.
USPRwire, Wed Apr 09 2014] The dichotomy of an all-powerful Shah, seemingly fully backed by the United States, and an aging Imam on a prayer rug in Paris is troubling to six very powerful world bankers who seek the assistance of John Wingate, a wealthy shipping company heir to avoid financial disaster.
Pack the maroon prayer rug you stole while raiding a house in Sadr City.
Initially, his daily routine was to find a flattened cardboard box to put under his thin prayer rug for more cushion due to concrete floors and to lessen the pain on his joints while he prayed.
It is a prayer rug, named with a spiritual intent, not simply a rug.
According to course instructor Tonya Sweet, "After a great deal of design development, the final designs shown in the current exhibit(ion) are inspired by rituals such as the tradition of drinking Arabic coffee, the weaving of the prayer rug and baking special pastries with members of the family in preparation for a holiday.
The original post talked about a "2012 Social Security Stimulus Package" that included cornbread mix, discount coupons to Kentucky Fried Chicken and a prayer rug.
In the lines above, active, transitory nature, delivered with accessible diction, gets metaphorically mapped onto the Caspian Sea, as the child offers defiant commentary on parental authority metonymically linked to an Islamic prayer rug.
On the wall of the study is a small camel-hair prayer rug from Mali.
As one of the protesters tried to remove a prayer rug from the space in front of the mosque, tension escalated and a fight started between the two group.
My mother handed me the prayer rug and prayer gown and told me to pray.
Locals said that settlers arrived at the mosque and set several Korans on fire, as well as a prayer rug.
Adjacent to the prayer rug was Roohi's organic sculpture, made in response to Abdullah's carpet.