prayer rug

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a small rug used by Muslims during their devotions

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David Dewhurst doubled down on claims that Muslim prayer rugs had been found on the Texas-Mexico border.
Customers purchased the Sajda Salat Mats because they found it eco-friendly to wash and wipe down unlike the traditional prayer rugs which took laborious work to wash.
Locals said that settlers arrived at the mosque and set several Korans on fire, as well as a prayer rug.
Taking part are Ahmed Angawi from Saudi Arabia, whose work encompasses products from furniture to the prayer rug, jewellery designer Nedda Al Asmar from Palestine, graphic designer Reem Al Ghaith from the UAE, Moroccan product designer Younes Duret, and Bokja Design from Lebanon presenting a collection of furniture pieces upholstered in vintage Middle Eastern fabrics.
The price of the silk and metal-thread prayer rug was over 20 times the pre-sale estimate of GBP 80,000 - 120,000.
The family was provided a copy of the Holy Quran, a prayer rug and 30,000 afs.
Her grandfather, a missionary in Sudan, brought back a prayer rug and rhino-skin shield that fascinated Fee as a child.
This Baluch Prayer Rug dates from 19th-century Iran.
Ali, who said his Quran and prayer rug, among other religious material, were lost when he transferred from a federal penitentiary in Atlanta to U.
Some are all-over designs, while others have medallion centers--and one is a prayer rug, with a mihrab.
But would a Muslim pupil be permitted to kneel on a prayer rug on the floor?
Nauman Khan of Northridge, on his prayer rug, returned Friday night from Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, that all able-bodied, financially secure Muslims are supposed to make once in their lifetime.
He had a bed and a small table where he kept books and a copy of the Koran, two plastic chairs, a prayer rug and two wash basins.
Muslim students want everyone to know that it's time to dust off the old prayer rug and tilt toward Mecca: no problem
Fulla--introduced in 2003 by a Syrian company called NewBoy Designs--has become a best-seller throughout the Middle East, Muslim parents who would never buy Barbie dolls for their daughters seem happy to buy a doll who has her own tiny pink prayer rug.