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a small rug used by Muslims during their devotions

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Crossing the road was a man in Muslim garb, his prayer mat under his arm, heading to morning prayers.
We then sat down and spoke about his journey to commercialise the prayer mat.
Behavioural interventions such as hand hygiene, cough etiquette, social distancing, using your own prayer mat and contact avoidance can be effective at mitigating health risks, including respiratory illness, among pilgrims.
The items include a prayer mat besides daily use items like his slippers, comb, brush and clothes, the officer said.
All cells were checked to make sure they were clean, a Koran was provided as well as a compass and prayer mat.
Toshack will have his own prayer mat out this summer, hoping Mark Delaney will have recovered from injury by the start of the new season and he can go to Prague with all his senior players available.
Prayer mat at the ready, Wragg's pleas for divine intervention bore fruit as Tinrah Lad bolted out from trap three to lead up St Leger winner Greenacre Lin, with the favourite left floundering in arrears.
Otherwise Smith and his squad will spend one half of the season treading on eggshells and the other on the prayer mat.
TIMEZ5 is partnering with select agencies to provide a more comfortable Hajj and Umrah experience by bundling the TIMEZ5 prayer mat as part of their mid to high end packages.
However, prison official Khan told the BBC he went to Afridi's cell where he was seen eating lunch while sitting on a prayer mat.
IF A BULKY object arrives in the post for John Toshack this week, it's probably the prayer mat sent down to Swansea from Mark Hughes.
If Birmingham lose eight - as may be the case - it's time to get out the prayer mat.
But quick-thinking constable Callum Macrae cleared an area of the caravan for the man to lay down his prayer mat.
There were also patents for quirky devices, including a manual gadget for detecting the crescent, a tool for repairing bird feathers and a prayer mat that keeps track of its user's prayer record.
Timez5 also offers a $250 (around Dh920) "physiological" prayer mat that "helps relieve pain, stiffness, and improve posture and energy".