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Del Boy won by a country mile, even the Home Alone pratfalls only came 6[sup.
AT&T, after one management pratfall after another, wants the PUC to bail it out by hampering its competitors and protecting it from competition.
Now, even as a kid I don't ever remember laughing at Wisdom's pratfall slapstick or his ill-fitting suit.
Then, with a slight shift of the head and attitude, he becomes an angel balanced on steel pins or an off-kilter Charlie Chaplin precariously waiting for the inevitable pratfall.
As such, it unrepentantly repeats the pratfall of Icarus, flying high over its historical terrain only to rediscover the obvious or, worse, the uncritical truism.
Its prosiness and its pratfall humor for the Stepsisters were leavened by Yan Chen's spunky heroine.
The Broncos have recovered from the opening pratfall to win three straight games and lead the AFC West.
Oliver admits she doesn't have one specific one-liner or pratfall that can get Dorrell going from imperturbable to having milk come out of his nose.
Barring a total Cactus League pratfall, it's highly likely McPherson will make the club.
Meanwhile, his creature (Luke Goss, looking more like the brooding, goth-y member of a boy band than Boris Karloff's neck-bolted monster) wanders around the countryside, taking an occasional pratfall and an occasional life.
The pratfalls of mature relationships - messy divorces, younger lovers, growing old disgracefully - all feature here, as Meryl Streep finds herself having to choose between Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin.
Sofia Coppola cannily captures the pratfalls of society's mindless infatuation with low-brow culture.
So make the most of those pratfalls and sly looks to camera, because Miranda Hart is moving on.