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Synonyms for prate

to talk rapidly, incoherently, or indistinctly

to talk volubly, persistently, and usually inconsequentially

incessant and usually inconsequential talk

Synonyms for prate

References in classic literature ?
And then he strewed the table with the nuggets, stuffed ptarmigans, bead work and seal pelts of the returned Kiondiker, and began to prate to us of his millions.
All periods prate against one another in your spirits; and the dreams and pratings of all periods were even realer than your awakeness!
A good example is: "Historical accounts prate about 'fair game' and pseudochivalry where the animal may theoretically escape.
20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- David Prat Prate, a 41-year-old Spaniard, has arrived in Ganzi Prefecture, China today, where he plans to take part in a cross-country race from Aug.
However divisive our own ethnic politics might be, all the local parties who prate about equality, inclusiveness and democracy should be backing the DUP.
Though they continually prate of their desire for peace, never, ever a peace poppy in their lapel.
1/2 Je suis toujours prate donner ce que je peux quand il s'agit d'acte humanitaire, comme ce soir, nous ne sommes pas ici juste pour chanter, mame si l'on a un public qui aime a, on doit aussi donner l'exemple.
It's the job of the police to catch them and the judge to bang them up if they commit serious crime, but the job of the politician is to minimise such social conditions - not just prate about criminality.
Those accused in Prate bomb blasts and the killers of Gen Mushtaq are roaming with impunity.
THE winner of last week's pounds 500 Xword was Peter Bowden of Stockport, Cheshire YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS: BUFF TYPE HEW OPAL WARD EVA NONE IMAGINED ANGELS MET CITES CELT FIREMEN HAIR ACE PRATE ROE KEIR CAYENNE EDDY STIRS AMY LETOFF SCENARIO AVER FUN LIAR TATA ADD TANS ELAN WEE THINKER Across: 1 Gobi; 4 Coins; 7 Scene; 8 Legal; 9 Realm; 10 Functional; 14 Sorbet; 16 Endear; 17 Tablespoon; 22 Glass; 23 Forge; 25 Eagle; 26 Stand; 27 Over.
The grand aspiration of freedom and democracy is doused in driveling prate, WIFM - What's In It For Me?
La nature fortuite des courriels et des messages textes se prate facilement differentes impressions.
Conservative flacks might prate about Burkean little platoons and the legacy of Disraeli's One Nation Toryism, but the public saw things in less grandiose terms.
Among the topics are why Old Frisian is really Middle Frisian, finiteness and verb fronting, the two infinitives prate and praten, the verbal complex, complementizer agreement, language changes, contact-induced changes in Modern West Frisian, nasalizing and lengthening, and a lexical theory of schwa-deletion.
The two prate skiffs that chased the USNS Lewis and Clark (TAKE 1) for more than an hour in May 2009, coming within 2,000 yards and firing small arms, were lucky.