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43 million in taxpayer money it gave to former city Firefighter Tennie Pierce for a dog-food prank.
Fuerschbach was aware of this tradition and expected that her colleagues would play a prank on her at the end of her probationary period.
There's even one American organisation called The Prank Institute and there's a British site with the rather fetching name of LumpyPorridge.
Pete, the narrator, small for his age, manages a horrific (and funny) prank at school and ends up in big trouble.
Mission accomplished: A district spokesperson chuckled at the prank and said, "It's funny.
Several Executive Office of the President (EOP) staff claim that they observed (1) messy offices containing excessive trash or personal items, (2) numerous prank signs containing derogatory and offensive statements about the president, (3) government property that was damaged, and (4) missing items.
Barbie Imperial pulled a fast one on rumored boyfriend Paul Salas in a video prank posted on social media.
However, after sometime, the host revealed that it was just a prank by dropping off his costume, sparking the anger of Shah Rukh Khan who almost punched him.
By: Anji Essam CAIRO - 17 May 2017: Prank shows have always been strongly attached to Ramadan.
com/april-fools-day-movies-netflix-2016-8-prank-films-watch-april-1-2345411) 8 Prank Films To Watch April 1
Lebanese star Ragheb Alama might have taken Egyptian prankster Ramez Galal's latest practical joke for his upcoming prank show "Ramez Plays with Fire" lightheartedly, but Hollywood actor and martial artist Steven Seagal certainly hasn't.
Adolescent prank wars summon up all the ingenuity, madness, and vengefulness with which adolescents wrestle.
BRIDESMAIDS star Kristen Wiig has revealed she was visited by police after making prank phone calls as a youngster.
Hollywood socialite Paris Hilton is the latest victim of ruthless Egyptian prank show Ramez Wakel Elgaw.
According to the report by The Independent, another player Glenn Whelan reportedly carried out the prank.