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a mettlesome or fiery horse

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A Christmas-themed wide game followed, with the Scoutshunting down Rudolph, Donna and Prancer in the woods and bringing them back to the site.
The only person who is entitled to fly through the air dressed like Santa Claus, children, is Santa Claus himself, pulled by Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen, the last two meaning "thunder and lightning", incidentally, which are also best avoided if flying on a commercial jet, whatever anyone says.
Dasher, Prancer, Donner and Blitzen have all fallen prey to weight problems and this year Rudolph may have to do the sleigh pulling alone.
The National Park Service has grounded Dasher, Prancer and company because animal welfare activists objected to having the animals put on view at the Christmas Pageant for Peace on the Ellipse.
How about a pint-sized Prancer or Dancer to show off your holiday spirit?
1) Dancer 2) Prancer 3) Jiver Teksta Flying KEY Then CALL 0900 586 6727 and follow instructions (calls costs 61p/min).
4, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Santa's nine-reindeer sled might have a hard time passing through airport security, but his team of Rudolph, Prancer and the others are among the most interesting of all animals, says a Texas A&M University veterinarian.
On Christmas Eve he piles all the toys onto his sleigh and rides across the sky with his nine reindeer (Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen and, of course, Rudolf
They will remain in the Park's White Lion Nursery for another few weeks, but Santa - along with his Elves and Reindeer - can be visited every day from December 1-24 at the annual Santa Safari event, which combines the self drive safari, snowy themed Discovery Trail, Twilight Cave, Creepy Crawlies, Seaquarium, Mark O'Shea's Reptile World, Sealion Show, Friendly Animal Encounter, Leopard Exhibit and Santa's Reindeer - Rudolph, Blitzen, Donner and Prancer.
John also loved his sports and his four dogs: Dolly, Shannon, Buster and Prancer.
Prancer and Dancer are staying at Paddock Hall Equestrian Centre, just off the A196, near Morpeth until 4pm on Sunday.
The police teams - dubbed Rudolph, Dancer, Dasher, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen - were backed up by a van called Sleigh One.
How we cheered at the joy of joys for the prancer with the golden tootsies.