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Synonyms for praiseworthiness

the quality of being worthy of praise

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Though both types of behaviors are equally determined, only reasonresponsive, right action involving deeds ground desert presupposing reactive attitudes, such as praiseworthiness.
But for all the praiseworthiness of the poets' services to history, Simms hastens to add that there is even a higher level of historiography than that of the Byronic poet.
Rather, it is "non-derivative" (17)--ascribed to all human beings independent of their particular accomplishments or praiseworthiness.
Ortony, Clore, and Collins distinguish between emotions based on events, actions, and objects and which are specified by the following central dimensions of appraisal: "A person's appraisal of an emotion-inducing situation is based on three central variables in the theory: desirability, praiseworthiness, and appealingness, which apply to event-based emotions, agent-based emotions and object-based emotions, respectively" (1988, p.
The praiseworthiness of an action ought not be contingent upon factors beyond an agent's control but instead depends solely upon the agent himself.
The Five Pillars are the basic practices of Islam, and most of the theological thinking of Islam is readily apparent in the practices: the oneness of Allah, the praiseworthiness of Allah, the importance of the Prophet Muhammad, and the requirements of membership in both the local and the larger Islamic community.
In both contexts, the choice of a particular supplier has no obvious bearing on the importance, value, or praiseworthiness of the work to be performed.
Especially not with those connotations of praiseworthiness, stuffiness, and venerability that we insist on attaching to it, and which are so contrary to the spirit of licentious, if not criminal, play from which art is inseparable.
He objects to this argument, in part, because he does not see any moral praiseworthiness in actions motivated by self-interest.
For God is in favour of merit and praiseworthiness, and God became in truth a man, I know this; and the man who wrongs God when he has done him such honour as to make him, in his image, great and supreme, and nearer him than any living thing - every such man is then indeed a fool, for he has no self-esteem.
It is likely that any connection between virtuous decisionmaking, praiseworthiness, etc.
This philosophical issue goes beyond this article, but apart from wondering about the meaning of the term "value" in this nonpurposive world, one could also wonder about the role and meaning of such ethical concepts as responsibility, merit, praiseworthiness (and blameworthiness), choice, principled behavior, and the like.
Praiseworthiness presupposes freedom from necessity.
and of the relation between praiseworthiness and the desire for mutual sympathy (p.