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Synonyms for praise

Synonyms for praise

an expression of admiration or congratulation

the honoring of a deity, as in worship

to express warm approval of

to pay a compliment to

to honor (a deity) in religious worship

Synonyms for praise

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The audio guide was highlighted but judges also praised staff who were on hand to offer extra insights into the life and history of the ship.
Its abbreviated version says that God is to be praised for evening, morning, sunset, dawning, wealth, peace, gladness, preservation from danger--all out of God's mercy.
During the interview, Bennett repeatedly praised freedom of the press in Communist China--asserting that (as translated by the People's Daily) the "Chinese government has recognized the value of having foreign journalists have access to China and write about something good or bad and get as much freedom as the law provides to write stories without fearing retaliation or punishment.
Pointing out that "the world's leading architects are re-energizing our skyline," he praised the private sector for responding in kind with housing starts "at record levels.
His writings, filling four fat volumes (29-32) of Migne's Patrologia Graeca, are praised by the Byzantine Patriarch-critic Photius as "all equally admirable.
She praised Doornink's service in Bosnia in the late 1990s.
Mueller and Dweck (1998) found strong evidence for the differential effects of ability- and effort-based praise on children's achievement behaviors and reported attributions, with children praised for ability showing less task persistence, less task enjoyment, and poorer task performance.
Plutarch praised Lucullus for his banquets and Virgil imagined the magnificent games that Aeneas held for his father's funeral.
Early contemporary reviews of his short story collections praised the "high literary quality of his work" and predicted that readers "shall hear from Mr.
New Mexico Representative Tom Udall (D-NM) praised the program.
She praised the NAIC for adopting a resolution supporting uniform compliance with privacy regulations by July 1, 2001.
Then she praised the animal with positive reinforcement, such as food, petting, or a game.
If these people are properly thanked and praised for their hard work, and they see the residents improving, your state surveyors will see this, and enter your facility at survey time with positive attitudes themselves.
The recipient may think the behavior being praised was not really important to you or may not be sure exactly what is being complimented.
0, which was praised by The Butler Group for embracing a service-oriented approach to application integration and development.