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Synonyms for praise

Synonyms for praise

an expression of admiration or congratulation

the honoring of a deity, as in worship

to express warm approval of

to pay a compliment to

to honor (a deity) in religious worship

Synonyms for praise

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With so much evidence and support behind the use of praise in classrooms, one might assume teachers of all grade levels utilize praise widely, especially given that praise is free to implement and takes mere seconds to deliver effectively.
Note: This statement is in response to the District of Columbia court of Appeals decision on August 10, 2015 regarding Jericho City of Praise.
Be specific: Rather than being vague, praise should accurately describe the behaviour you observed and liked.
Religious poetry has come out from previous style and a new spirit was breathed into it and prophetic prayers were increased and poets praise attributes of the Prophet which was not common prior.
The Praise Ball promotes better health by encouraging children to play outside and reap the benefits of sunshine and fresh air.
The researcher reviewed various studies from the field of motivational psychology indicating that praise for a student's efforts function differently than praise for their talent or natural ability.
The research by Eddie Brummelman from The Ohio State University is the first research to empirically examine the impact of inflated praise.
Now someone should tell Pakistani media and other Pakistanis that no matter how good Tendulkar is, they should not praise him, it is against Pakistani nationalism and against loyalty to the country.
Katy Treharne The event has been running for 24 years and audiences will be entertained by the 200-voice St David's Praise choir, Cambrensis and the St David's Praise Symphony Orchestra.
Praise is an effective means of engaging students in the learning process when it is specific, applied immediately, and varied according to the situation and student being reinforced (Brophy, 1981).
Many years ago, this, confusion led some trainers to believe that they should never praise or pet their dogs because it made them "lose control.
Knowing when and how to praise can be a little more tricky for parents and it's not quite as easy as many think.
I praise crows, Not because I see Myself as a crow, But because they hunt.
Elements of the school's work that garnered praise include the extent to which pupils feel safe, pupils' behaviour, leadership and management and the partnerships the school builds.