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Synonyms for pragmatical

Synonyms for pragmatical

of or concerning the theory of pragmatism


concerned with practical matters

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The trangpha's approach to religious issues is pragmatical rather than fundamental.
2007), an approach is presented where a distributed architecture in RL serves as a pragmatical solution for the first problem for some common robotic manipulators with different DOF.
That central interest was "the conflict continually maintained between the spirit and the flesh; and in the pragmatical issue, we recognise the bearing down in history, and in individual man, of pure and lofty Christian purpose by the lusts of the flesh, by the corruptions of superstition, by human passions and selfishness.
This category will record mistakes of a pragmatical nature.
He was no less critical of capitalist society as alienating and dehumanizing, the pragmatical and utilitarian approach of which, he claimed, contained "the real source of atheism and spiritual bankruptcy.
Fortunately, the parameter still can be used for pragmatical comparing the formulations with only the difference in the lubricant type and content because the quantity is derived from the viscometry data on the limited range of die diameters of 1.
Infrastructures also represent an effective approach to the general problem of formalisability of complex systems, which may come either for pragmatical or theoretical issues.
da Rocha presents a Brazilian perspective of the relationship between pragmatical analysis and effects-based operations (EBO), showing how the former encompasses the latter's typical features and provides insights into some aspects of EBO.
In the paper, starting from a slightly modified version of van Fraassen's pragmatic approach to explanation, the author proposes a pragmatical meta-model for the different biological explanatory models.
Language Operational Gestalt awareness: a radical empirical and pragmatical phenomenology of the process and systems of library experience.
With PubliGen (Portal and CMS), WorkflowGen (Workflow) and eGroupGen (collaboration) our SES offers a single platform and pragmatical technical environment to quickly achieve ROI with the implementation of an Enterprise web based information system".
If someone chooses to study a problem from a hermeneutic angle, it has other consequences for the research problem than using a phenomenological theory or a pragmatical one for that matter; these consequences have to be identified and dealt with or else we end up in a situation that the American philosopher C.