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a permanent executive committee in socialist countries that has all the powers of some larger legislative body and that acts for it when it is not in session


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Hari Bhambra, Senior Partner, Praesidium LLP said: EeAoThe DIFC QIF regime is an example of a fast track regime and process that does not compromise on quality or due diligence standards.
The Praesidium believes there are few options: incorporating the Euratom Treaty into the Constitution (as the second part or as a Protocol), allowing it to continue independently, adjustment by means of a Treaty separate to and independent from the Constitutional Treaty, or adjustment by means of a Protocol annexed to the constitutional Treaty.
Praesidium offers clients guidance through complex employment law, plus insurance protection for legal costs and employment tribunal awards.
Active members are required to attend a weekly meeting of a parish group called a praesidium, where the rosary is recited, spiritual instruction is given, and active apostolic work is assigned to all members.
In Latin, it's sub tuum praesidium confugimus-- a walled city, a refuge.
Praesidium will look to the supply chain sector, closely followed by front-office vendors over the next 12 months.
HP has unveiled its Praesidium SpeedCard, a specialised processor card that it says can handle secure socket layer (SSL) authenticated connections much more efficiently than general-purpose web servers.
The Praesidium of the International Congress on Calvin Research, led by its energetic Secretary, Wilhelm Neuser of Munster, has initiated a new Opera Omnia, denuo recognita et adnotatione critica instructa notisque illustrata.
The system will utilize redundant, multi-layered sensor technologies combined with Duos Technologies' proprietary praesidium analytics software, based on neural network algorithms, that will maximize the reliability and accuracy of track intrusion detections.
He was a member of the Praesidium of the IFSCC from 1998 to 2009, serving in many functions mainly relating to cosmetic science such as chair of the Science and Education Committee, Scientific Editor of the IFSCC magazine and president (2007-2008).
Tricor Group, a member of The Bank of East Asia Group, is expanding into Dubai and the Middle East through a new Joint Venture with Praesidium.
The appointment, made at the two-day Praesidium in Brussels, will help strengthen the NFU's influence on key issues affecting European agriculture.
As part of Heritage Open Days 2006, Segedunum is holding Praesidium II, a day of family fun and the chance to take part in a series of special photographs of the fort ( all for free
1 to the Convention Presidium on April 22, 2003, it initially retained the majority as constituting half of the states representing "two-thirds " of the population, and not "three-fifths" as was finally decided by a majority of the Praesidium.
Hewlett-Packard Co has introduced the HP Praesidium SpeedCard, a specialized processor for handling secure socket layer authenticated connections more efficiently than general-purpose web servers.