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the first name of a citizen of ancient Rome

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particulier, de l'origine familiale du praenomen : praenomen ductum
Por ejemplo, el dictador Julio Cesar se llamaba en latin Gaius Julius C$sar, siendo Gaius su praenomen o nombre de pila; Julius, su nomen que indicaba su pertenencia a los Julia--una familia patricia--, y C$sar, su cognomen o apodo.
Para Kajanto (1977: 74) debio proceder, en su forma de Septimius, de un originario praenomen Septimus.
There was the praenomen, which corresponded to our Christian or forename; this was followed by the clan or race name, and last of all came the cognomen or surname.
103) Slaves took their master or mistress's praenomen and nomen when freed.
I would argue that by giving the unusual praenomen Iullus, a variant of Iulus, to the son born to them in 43 B.
This included erasing the condemned man's name from inscriptions and prohibiting his family from bestowing his praenomen or first name on his descendants.
The name Ozymandias is a Greek rendition of "cUser-macat-rec," the first element in the praenomen or throne name of the ancient Egyptian king now usually known instead by his Ra-name as Ramesses II (1279-1212 B.
Se pone luego del praenomen y del promen gentilicium: Marcus Tullius Cicero; Caius lulius Caesar; Publius Vergilius Maro.
But in the amended version that appears in print and in an ink fair copy in Notebook P (PN 26), he chooses instead to foreground Christ both by using the theological designation of "Lord Christ" rather than the more familiar praenomen as he usually does when referring to Jesus, and by producing a spondaic effect with "Lord Christ's.
1) Publio Vegecio Renato recibio el praenomen Flauius, que a partir de la epoca de Constantino se concedia a los altos cargos dei funcionariado y a los oficiaies del Imperio como un tratamiento de dignidad implicito en su rango, y de este modo paso a ser denominado Flavio Vegecio Renato.
Agamemnon's school programme is said to be for Greek boys, but it is really for Roman boys, and yet Agamemnon is himself Greek (he does not have a Roman praenomen any more than most of the characters), and he lectures in a Greek city (urbs Graeca), where Greek schoolboys would be the norm.
From the semi-legendary eighth-century Sholto Douglas, the Black Gray Man whose extraordinary praenomen passed down to the inventor of the Queensberry Rules, through to James, ninth Earl of Douglas (1426-88), last in the History,the Douglases were a remarkable family, and though Hume as a 'Pensioner and wassal' of the family may have occasionally had problems in making some of their actions respectable, let alone heroic, he can have had no difficulty in making them interesting.
47) In some cases, this procedure had apparently been followed voluntarily by the family in question: according to Suetonius, the Claudii abandoned the praenomen Lucius because one man of that name had been convicted of robbery, and another of murder.