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the first name of a citizen of ancient Rome

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Agamemnon's school programme is said to be for Greek boys, but it is really for Roman boys, and yet Agamemnon is himself Greek (he does not have a Roman praenomen any more than most of the characters), and he lectures in a Greek city (urbs Graeca), where Greek schoolboys would be the norm.
4) In his commentary on Wisdom, he derived his praenomen from Latin robor (strength) and related it to `The Lord is my rock and my strength' (II Kings (2 Samuel) xxii.
From the semi-legendary eighth-century Sholto Douglas, the Black Gray Man whose extraordinary praenomen passed down to the inventor of the Queensberry Rules, through to James, ninth Earl of Douglas (1426-88), last in the History,the Douglases were a remarkable family, and though Hume as a 'Pensioner and wassal' of the family may have occasionally had problems in making some of their actions respectable, let alone heroic, he can have had no difficulty in making them interesting.
What one discovers, of course, is a usual combination of praenomen, nomen, and cognomen along with other possibilities.
4) From about 38 BC he assumed the title imperator as his praenomen and dropped the gentilicium Julius.
The full tripartite names of the two consuls, consisting of praenomen, nomen, and cognomen, are Gaius Rufius Geminus (Paulys Real-Encyclopadie VII [1912]: 208) and Lucius Rubellius Geminus (ibid.