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Synonyms for practise

Synonyms for practise

engage in a rehearsal (of)

carry out or practice

learn by repetition

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I'm not the best practiser, Phil Taylor will practise for five and six hours at a time, but I just get bored," said Osborne.
I've never been a major practiser and, when I first came out on the seniors tour, I had a lot of ups and downs.
His fielding had been joke-worthy in the first two Tests but there is no bigger assiduous practiser, and he did not once fumble in the match.
Remember, we all want to be players not practisers but you have to become a good practiser before you become a good player.
One is histrionic, the tyrant as consummate actor, or practiser of hypocrisy.
A dedicated practiser, he knew the necessity of acclimatising to different batting surfaces before the serious business started.
A smiling Singh yesterday failed to live up to his reputation as a surly compulsive practiser who caused a storm last year by insisting Annika Sorenstam should not play on the men's tour.
My dad was a great practiser but he knows what's good for me.
You have to believe the man when he says he has played only two rounds in those four months and hit balls twice, but for such an ardent practiser, life must have been difficult this summer watching the Majors without being able to play in the last three.
I don't want in any way to run down her technique - I heard a Dvorak concerto at the Proms that was absolutely flawless - but I don't think she was the greatest practiser in the world.
He's a full-time practiser now and he is very grateful for the sponsorship that he receives from the Doyle brothers who form the BLS communications company.
I asked him if he was a light, an average or an obsessive practiser.