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concerned with actual use rather than theoretical possibilities

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While awards themselves do not signal an inherent practicality, the fuel efficiency responsible for those awards does well to make a case.
Jeremy Hicks, Managing Director, Jaguar UK, commented: "Winning this award demonstrates just how successfully the new Jaguar XF Sportbrake combines luxury and performance with real-world practicality and versatility, while also highlighting the class-leading engineering that goes into every new Jaguar.
It aims to unite the best of three vehicle worlds: the emotion and elegance of a coupe, the comfort of a sedan, and the practicality and spaciousness of a station wagon.
The new legislation means 2010 is a natural time for brands to refocus on delivering the message of emotional enjoyment and practicality as well as health.
Wrapping this practicality in a sporty, premium body was a challenge set down to the Sports Tourer's designers under the direction of stylist Mark Adams.
Thanks to the Towcar Awards, we feel that Britain's towcar buyers are better informed than ever about which cars deliver the combination of value, practicality, economy and ability that they want.
He said that it was a dialogue that was much more concerned with the practicality rather than the general concepts.
We may not be able to install his changes tomorrow, but this book offers solutions that are truly amazing in their practicality and effectiveness.
An excellent resource that blends equal measures of piety, practicality, testimony and psychology.
This combination of elegance and practicality is also reflected in the fit out of the ancillary spaces.
Appealing to the success-driven members of generations X and Y, "The Business of Love" is reassuring in its practicality and specificity.
Porter, a firefighter by trade but a musician at heart, must decide whether to pursue passion over practicality.
These TH8 and KT8 chart recorders are said to have a number of added design features for durability and practicality in industrial settings, from high quality metal components to smaller footprint designs to larger charts for readability and more, according to the company.
Based on the findings from the verification test, Associate Professor Komura will make a presentation on the practicality of the system at the Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for Disaster Medicine scheduled in February.
Bobiwash-Toulouse cautioned her husband on the practicality of guiding, knowing guides work only two or three months out of the year.