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concerned with actual use rather than theoretical possibilities

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Buyers in the mid-size estate market are craving more practicality than ever before to cater for families and lifestyle activities," said Andy Gilson, Vauxhall's marketing director.
The reductivist argument for abstraction is easily reconciled with humble wood-shop practicality, yet the widespread suspicion persists that lurking inside every streamlined form are obscurantist, elitist claims.
But the practicality exhibited here for effective pedagogy goes much further than that.
Bobiwash-Toulouse cautioned her husband on the practicality of guiding, knowing guides work only two or three months out of the year.
Medical jargon is filled with examples of dehumanizing and insensitive terminology, created largely for purposes of convenience and, less convincingly, practicality.
Franklin abandoned the study of electricity because of its seeming lack of practicality.
We look forward also to maintaining a standard of excellence and practicality of which Jack Pulec would be proud.
The practicality component of the major proposes the careful, reflective reading of literature to deepen the students' appreciation of life and sharpen the perception of how language is used.
Designed with practicality in mind, the new nx9010 is reliable, easy to use and features the all-in-one functionality of having a hard drive, optical drive and floppy drive all included.
The Lonwood series with foam options offers the ideal mix of practicality and style.
We've rated them according to their style, glamour and practicality.
Its design, combined with outstanding performance, incomparable safety attributes, leading-edge technology and even practicality are the things that make this car so special.
The Holy See regards these aspects, not only as immoral, but as lacking in charity and practicality in situations where people lack food and clean water.
Cars were judged on depreciation levels, running costs, practicality, reliability, road test reports and driver feedback.
These include magnification, light-gathering ability, field of view, and practicality.