practical politics

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politics based on practical rather than moral or ideological considerations

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Later when I met him and Ch Pervaiz Elahi and I explained my reasons for retirement from practical politics, they showed an understanding and indicated that they respect my decision and were appreciative of my past contribution.
This is a practical politics which has found a home in some councils, a handful of think tanks and some universities.
Praising the role of Jehangir Badr in practical politics, the President said that, "The late leader's sacrifices for the cause of democracy will be remembered forever.
True reconciliation here will not be achieved through warm words but through practical politics, a politics which fundamentally changes the economic and social patterns of this society.
While Dubnov's writings as a nationalist historian are well known, Rabinovitch reveals here how Dubnov moved from the realm of ideas to that of practical politics.
Practical politics requires several billions of pesos to wage a credible and effective effort for the presidency.
Turning to the talks currently taking place in Vienna, he said "it's a matter of practical politics as well as our own policy that Assad cannot be part of Syria's long term future.
But in practical politics they do not have moral reservations.
He has to weld principles to the world as we find it because it is the task of a leader to turn ideals into practical politics.
Late professor Jurgen Morgenthau defined practical politics as a political game based on the objective laws of human nature.
Asked about the politics, BJP vice- president Vinay Sahasrabuddhe said, " In practical politics, cooperation with other parties goes hand- in- hand with consolidation of own party organisation.
After coming into practical politics these politicians are always thinking of how to become wealthy overnight and soon open accounts in the Swiss banks.
Both of them pleaded for and were active in practical politics.
Other awards included The Political History Book of the Year, in association with News UK, which was won by Richard Davenport-Hines for his book An English Affair; the award for Polemic of the Year went to Daniel Hannan for his book How We Invented Freedom and Why It Matters; Anthony King and Ivor Crewe were awarded Practical Politics Book of the Year for The Blunders of Our Governments; and the International Affairs Book of the Year was won by Margaret MacMillan for her title The War That Ended Peace.
Bandaranaike however after he won the General Election of 1956 expected Mettananda to get into the spirit of practical politics and be satisfied with a diplomatic post instead of bothering about Buddhists anymore.
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