practical joker

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someone who plays practical jokes on others

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The practical joker leapt over a small wall to hide from Amy Taylor, 18, next to their hotel at Callo Salvaje near Playa de las Americas on December 18.
But he can think again about a few quiet nights in - as partyloving practical joker and team captain Rio Ferdinand, 29, is in charge of organising the trip.
A DRUNKEN practical joker who bottled a disabled man has been ordered to pay pounds 1,500 compensation to his victim.
Minutes later, MTV's practical joker revealed that alleged child molester and now unalleged JonBenet Ramsey killer John Mark Karr was actually actor Bill Macy.
JOHN PROFUMO, the minister whose 1963 affair with call girl Christine Keeler helped to destroy the Tory Government the following year, was remembered at his funeral yesterday as a practical joker, a hero - but no saint.
Three-hundred and sixty-four days a year, a practical joker might be considered a jerk.
Tony's ghostly partner, who makes mischief as a practical joker, goes beyond the call of duty when he starts to give love advice.
When Antony and Peter Robbins created a service enabling computer users to send e-mail under an assumed name, they figured the typical user would be a practical joker like Sam Downing of Chatsworth, California.
At first glance it would appear that the author of the Gospel of Matthew is a great practical joker.
Wondering how to fool the practical joker in your life this April
Joel Dommett warns that those near the stage at his Practical Joker gigs are in danger of getting seriously hurt, because he uses the martial arts weapon of nunchucks in his show, which comes to Wolverhampton's Slade Rooms on March 7.
But I will always be a practical joker and someone who loves a laugh.
FIGHT boss Alex Morrison reckons he's discovered the next big star of Scottish boxing - provided he can tame tearaway Jonathan Slowey Bantamweight Slowey comes from Glasgow's East End and is a bit of a practical joker.
A word of warning for the pallbearers from concerned reader Stephen Massey - check the handles before you lift the casket or, if Harry was a practical joker, it might be five people who get buried that day.
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