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Synonyms for powerless

Synonyms for powerless

lacking power or strength

not capable of accomplishing anything

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Silas sank into his chair powerless, under the double presence of an inexplicable surprise and a hurrying influx of memories.
She led Alnaschar into a chamber filled with coffers packed with gold, which he gazed at with an admiration he was powerless to conceal.
The next day it was a dog, even dirtier and more forlorn, perhaps, than was the kitten; and again Miss Polly, to her dumfounded amazement, found herself figuring as a kind protector and an angel of mercy--a role that Pollyanna so unhesitatingly thrust upon her as a matter of course, that the woman--who abhorred dogs even more than she did cats, if possible--found herself as before, powerless to remonstrate.
He rushed wildly forward, and clenched the old man by the throat--but he was his father; and his arm fell powerless by his side.
This brave active man, who would have hastened towards any danger or toil to rescue Hetty from an apprehended wrong or misfortune, felt himself powerless to contemplate irremediable evil and suffering.
Sam, loud and overbearing as he was, she rather regretted when he went, for he was clever and intelligent, and glad to be employed in any errand in the town; and though spurning the remonstrances of Susan, given as they were, though very reasonable in themselves, with ill-timed and powerless warmth, was beginning to be influenced by Fanny's services and gentle persuasions; and she found that the best of the three younger ones was gone in him: Tom and Charles being at least as many years as they were his juniors distant from that age of feeling and reason, which might suggest the expediency of making friends, and of endeavouring to be less disagreeable.
He was powerless against the weakness that seemed to well up in him; it was like the water that rises up in an empty bottle held over a full basin; and he set his teeth, saying the words over and over to himself.
AN advert for a men's fragrance has been cleared following 120 complaints that it objectified the male model and depicted women as powerless and weak.
Speaking on the occasion Raaz Khan Pathan said that Indian government has crossed its all limits to do atrocities on powerless innocent Kashmiris and he questioned that why united nations are silence over the atrocities of India adding Kashmir is backbone of Pakistan and Pakistan will continue its legal and moral support to powerless Kashmirisfor larger interests of the innocent Kashmiris during hisspeech he strongly condemned the atrocities of Indian and torched Indian flag at DC Office Chowk to show solidarity with Kashmiris on the eve of Kashmir Day which to be observed on 5th February of 2018 across Pakistan.
Summary: New photographs from 'Avengers: Infinity War' show the Sorcerer Supreme looking powerless
If Congress has already resolved or determined that the proclamation is valid, the Supreme Court, in my opinion, is almost powerless to override the declaration of the Congress and the President,' he said.
MALAGA boss Michel has admitted the club are powerless to prevent Newcastle United target Sandro Ramirez from leaving the club this summer.
A resolution was passed in the meeting which asserted that private sector contributed 80 percent in health department across the country while as powerless body cannot dictate this vast industry.
So she conducted experiments on the effects of the powerless positions she had become so accustomed to occupying, comparing them to neutral poses.
But the former SFA But the former SFA president fears they could president fears they could be powerless unless the be powerless unless the Hampden hierarchy can Hampden hierarchy can prove his wrongdoing.