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Synonyms for powerhouse

a highly energetic and indefatigable person

a team considered to be the best of its class

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Litigation Powerhouses have positioned themselves with the world s most demanding companies as the ones who have the particular expertise and client-facing skills to get the job done, the BTI report explained.
The Litigation Powerhouse selections are based on 300 one-on-one interviews conducted by BTI with corporate counsel from Fortune 1000 companies across 15 industries.
The Cheoah development is located on the Little Tennessee River and consists of a dam and powerhouse.
The Santeetlah development consists of a dam, pipeline/tunnel, and powerhouse.
It is an honor to be named an `Up & Comer' in BtoB's prestigious list of Top Business Media Powerhouses," said TechTarget CEO Greg Strakosch.
The Left and Right powerhouses, with nine generator units each, were put into service between 1941 and 1950.
th] at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2012) in Las Vegas, NV, Booth #3430, iBike POWERHOUSE combines iBike's patented power measurement and analysis technologies with automatically-adjusting, goal-oriented cycling plans -- all delivered through the incredible display and computing power of the iPhone/iPod touch.
The 59-year old Discovery Museum Science & Space Center - known to generations of Sacramento children, teachers and residents from around the region - has outgrown its location and is being reborn as the new Powerhouse Science Center in the 1912 PG&E power station on Jibboom Street.
Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, PowerHouse Studios is the world's first Digital Emporium for entertainment production, distribution, and technology.
We are excited to have Steffen bring PowerHouse the expertise and vision for this industry.
Screen credit for both shall be PowerHouse Studios Presents.
Jay Elliot comments on the position: "As CEO, I intend to lead PowerHouse to the forefront of the entertainment industry.
PowerHouse intends to expand its mobile plug-and- play strategy into all portable markets including telephones, PDAs, and Smart Cards.