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Synonyms for powerhouse

a highly energetic and indefatigable person

a team considered to be the best of its class

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The Treasury is a fundamental driver of what the Northern Powerhouse is going to deliver.
Although plans for Trans-Pennine rail line electrification - one of the headline promises - have been "paused" by the Government The IPPR report stressed that, while it welcomed the government's Northern Powerhouse agenda, a key test of its success must be how it translates into higher living standards for people living and working in the region.
Powerhouse is looking to recruit new paddlers and helms to take part in competitive dragon boating at national league events organised by the British Dragonboat Association.
The civilian community is engaged in the POWERHOUSE movement through their commercial website, www.
Priced at $269 MSRP ,iBike POWERHOUSE includes the case, electronics, POWERHOUSE app, speed/cadence sensor, iSlim Plan, and mounting system.
Linc Energy will invest US$6m in cash into PowerHouse and grant certain rights to PowerHouse to use its FT gas to liquids technology for PowerHouse's waste to energy applications.
The passion Powerhouse brings to the sentimental lyrics is not, as Kenneth Bearden would have it, a way of laughing at an obtuse audience (74).
The PowerHouse will be the marquee luxury residential building in Long Island City," said Sar Inbar, director of marketing of CGS Developers, LLC, the developer of The PowerHouse.
Under the proposed Powerhouse CVA, whilst landlords were to be partially compensated for their losses, Powerhouse and PRG were to be released from all liabilities under the leases of the stores to be closed.
John Hannett, general secretary of Usdaw, said PowerHouse workers had performed "miracles" in keeping the firm afloat.
The aim is to build a dam at the gorge site to redirect the river into an intake channel, which will be located 32 metres higher than the powerhouse, LeClair says.
Katie Ellis, as the angel/narrator in ``A Very Merry Unauthorized Children's Scientology Pageant,'' is surrounded by her equally angelic- looking castmates at the Powerhouse Theatre.
The software reportedly helps visitors to the site locate their nearest Powerhouse store and access full contact details for it.
This year the group will sponsor a Kentucky Derby fundraiser to benefit the Powerhouse Community Arts Center.
from Paisley I am also out of pocket thanks to PowerHouse.