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Synonyms for powerhouse

a highly energetic and indefatigable person

a team considered to be the best of its class

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Homebuyers purchasing and financing a new home with a POWERHOUSE roof can generate immediate savings, and be cash-flow positive from day one.
Wales Office Minister Guto Bebb said: "Today's visit underlines the fact that North Wales is a key component of the powerhouse, linking our part of the country with the great northern cities.
The Chief Secretary to the Treasury, David Gauke, said: We are determined to create a Northern Powerhouse and are clear we must work closely with businesses to pool the abundance of talent across the North to make this a reality.
Mr Osborne said that Mrs May had a "wobble" over his Northern Powerhouse project after becoming Prime Minister, the clearest indication yet that he had to fight to keep his flagship policy on track, after being sacked from the Government in July.
Outlining the aims of the report, Centre For Cities said: "One of the main underpinnings of the creation of a Northern Powerhouse has been the desire to link up the cities of the North to make them function as one economy, inspired by the networks of cities seen in the Randstad in Holland and the Rhine-Ruhr area in Germany.
The assessment follows the emergence of two highprofile economic collaborations elsewhere in the UK - the Northern Powerhouse and Midlands Engine.
Powerhouse MX drives are resistant to chemicals, oils, cuts, and wear.
By acquiring Pyromex, which is a technology licensor for PowerHouse, the UK company will extend its sales pipeline, the buyer said in a statement.
Power solutions company Active Power Inc (NASDAQ:ACPW) reported on Tuesday the receipt of a multimillion dollar order for two of its PowerHouse systems from one of its strategic IT partners.
I've always dreamed that powerHouse would inhabit inspirational space--a space where classical architecture mixes with vaulted ceilings and height to emphasize the nobility of man's loftier pursuits of knowledge and pleasure.
But not all the stores earmarked for closure had done so by the time PRG sealed the deal, which includes 142 stores, the majority of its operating infrastructure and staff as well as the PowerHouse brand.
It is understood that Gus is in talks with Deloitte & Touche, the receiver which is seeking a buyer for 130 PowerHouse stores.
History revealed itself during cleaning and preparation for painting Powerhouse Two, as DWP workers set out to spruce up the place for the anticipated increase in visitors.