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(often used in combination) having or using or propelled by means of power or power of a specified kind


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Table 5: World Historic Review for Powered Operating Tables by
SAN DIEGO -- Pulse(R), a Technitrol (NYSE:TNL) Company, one of the world's largest electronic component manufacturers and a leader in passive, magnetic-based components, announces a series of high efficiency, small footprint, off-the-shelf power transformers for powered device (PD) side Power over Ethernet (POE) products that meet IEEE standard 802.
The LifeSpeed(TM) 3000, powered by AccelRate(TM) technology, is presently manufactured and distributed by Hawker in North America.
These switches effectively allow certain blocks in the design to be powered off depending on the mode of operation of the chip, thereby significantly reducing leakage power.
The addition of the Line Power Solutions family means Valere now has a product offering for wireless and wire line networks that stretches from the CO to powered remote terminals and now to line-powered installations.