power walking

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a form of cardiopulmonary exercise consisting of rapid walking accompanied by vigorous swinging of the arms

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Power walking a mile should be completed in, I believe, something like 10 minutes.
It's a mixture of power walking and general fitness exercises using the environment," said Harry, 55.
4 Choose training methods that put a demand on your core muscles: power walking, hiking, jogging, sprints, kick boxing, Pilates, medicine ball, swiss ball, yoga, dance, swimming and ab-specific weight training exercises.
Power walking at midnight wearing just a bra isn't many women's idea of fun.
The Complete Power Walking Workout to a Slimmer, Fitter You
Since she started power walking Shamin Arshad, a health walks co-ordinator in Gateshead, has reduced her reliance on medication.
From this position, which is designed to simulate road running on a flat surface, subtle changes in cadence, range of motion and intensity work different muscles as they simulate hills, speed intervals, hurdles and even power walking, all underwater.
Over 20 fitness experts cover a wide range of specialist disciplines including aerobics, yoga, power walking and even tap dancing.
If your favorite form of exercise (cycling, power walking, swimming, etc.
Yet we see them running, playing golf, power walking - you name it, they're doing it.
And if you can encourage someone to take up power walking, you are giving them the gift of life.
And get power walking in "Prambles" sessions on Tuesdays at Ingleby Barwick from 11.
In September the lingerie expert will join thousands of women all donning brightly decorated bras and power walking through the streets of Newcastle to raise money and awareness for breast cancer as part of the city's SunWalk.
Organizers say they will avoid residential areas during the hourlong workout, which will include sprints, power walking, stair climbing, calisthenics and weight training.