power walking

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a form of cardiopulmonary exercise consisting of rapid walking accompanied by vigorous swinging of the arms

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I took up power walking in my early 20s and I organised and took part in several sponsored walks in my thirties but I was in my mid-forties before I seriously took up power walking again.
The power walking challenge will not only help us raise even more awareness and money for vital breast cancer causes but also encourage thousands of men, women and children to become fitter and healthier in 2008.
You can try boxing drills, circuit training that incorporates lots of triceps work, elliptical machines that incorporate the upper body, power walking or hiking with intervals of triceps exercises and swimming.
Power walking means going really fast and swinging your arms, like teachers when they're after somebody on the playground.
99) is great for a variety of activities, including power walking, biking, skating, and hiking.
Lorraine, 45, lost 112 stone through power walking and running last year and even ran the London Marathon.
One- to three-pound, vinyl-covered wrist weights are a comfortable and convenient way to burn 20% more calories power walking your regular route.
However the REALLY depressing thing is that having finally given up smoking and joined Weight Watchers, I decided to speed up the weight loss by power walking in my local park.
Using simple equipment including a stroller, resistance tubing and common outdoor fixtures (think park benches, walls and fences), participants shed the baby weight through good- old-fashioned power walking, push-ups, bicep curls, crunches and more.
Breast cancer charity Walk the Walk has granted 31 Paxman Scalp Cooling machines, produced at Fenay Bridge, to five hospitals thanks to money raised through its iconic Power Walking events.
Get a friend to go out power walking with you, join a class, or get a few sessions with a personal trainer where you have to make an appointment and keep it.
The SunWalk is a mass participation power walking event, organised by UK grant making charity Walk the Walk.
The fun workout includes 30 minutes of power walking mixed in with all round body exercises and fun activities such as frisbee and skipping.
Mick is taking part in the trek ahead of his 70th birthday in January and admits he signed up because he wanted to lose weight and started power walking to get fit.