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(computing) a computer user who needs the fastest and most powerful computers available

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Light users can get away with 350 Mb, but most power users should have between 500 Mb and 1,000 Mb.
Originally we were using analytics software from Cognos to provide information to power users within the tourism ministry.
One group of power users dominates 'friending' activity.
Power users have little problem working with most reporting software tools like Crystal Reports or Cognos because they understand database design, structures, relationships, joins, and SQL commands.
So far, large industrial customers, or some 60 percent of total power users, have benefited from liberalization and METI had earlier intended to implement deregulation for the remaining 40 percent of power users such as consumers and small retail shops by 2009.
com)--in connection with the EDC's Power Users Initiative and the recent United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (www.
It makes sense to deliver Web-based application to those people who use the system infrequently, but deliver client server applications to the power users who use the system all the time.
0, developers can build and deploy content centric applications faster, and key power users can maintain and change the applications, and enhance the content management deployment.
The Assembly approves bills that would regulate power plant outages and expand utility programs that cut rates for big power users who turn off electricity during shortages.
Power users already have started to substitute landline telephone calls in the home and office.
Milestone CMO Council/GMI Study of nearly 15,000 Consumers in Nearly 37 Countries Shows Developing Nations Are New Power Users of Wireless Technology; Report Highest
In earlier 5400-RPM drives, "spindle speed" was the top-of-the-line feature for mobile power users.
These include the large power users, such as pulp and paper mills that use huge quantities of power in the course of a year.
Power users will be able to create new reports and modify existing ones without assistance from the IT department.
With authentication redirection to Microsoft Active Directory, Password Power users can achieve seamless access to SAP NetWeaver, SAPGUI, and IBM Lotus Domino applications (Lotus Notes, Domino HTTP, Lotus Sametime and Lotus QuickPlace).