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(computing) a computer user who needs the fastest and most powerful computers available

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Power users are installing 1-gigabyte drives (1 billion bytes).
In this intense one-day seminar, Shapiro will share the techniques, shortcuts and tools he uses daily in business and life that make him a power user.
Query Builder enables power users to query directly against operational data stores without hand coding SQL.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- Power Users represent a crucial battleground in the war for operator profitability.
The AMP application links directly to dataConductorEP's Power User tools, enabling users to drill-through automated reports to perform detailed root cause analysis to learn more about their yields.
0 boasts a broad range of new and upgraded features that improve ease of use for Linux newcomers and deliver higher performance for power users.
The traditional BI approach of offering power user tools or packaged applications will never achieve 100% adoption by majority of the users and meet the goal of BI environment.
Mapping the data consumption profiles across the subscriber base shows nearly two-thirds of the subscribers are Moderate Users, 23% belong to the Power User category, and just 15% as Light Users.
Some people says that Web-based software would be used for casual users and client software would be delivered to power users so it is related to how the software will be used.
0, developers can build and deploy content centric applications faster, and key power users can maintain and change the applications, and enhance the content management deployment.
The Assembly approves bills that would regulate power plant outages and expand utility programs that cut rates for big power users who turn off electricity during shortages.
Milestone CMO Council/GMI Study of nearly 15,000 Consumers in Nearly 37 Countries Shows Developing Nations Are New Power Users of Wireless Technology; Report Highest
In earlier 5400-RPM drives, "spindle speed" was the top-of-the-line feature for mobile power users.