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wheelwork consisting of a connected set of rotating gears by which force is transmitted or motion or torque is changed

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Midlands Power Train is up for sale and BMW said the decision to set up a production company for the R65 gearbox has been made in consultation with the interested parties who are negotiating to buy the business, and was carried out with their full approval.
A power train is the mechanism in a vehicle by which power is transmitted from the engine to the axle.
Suppliers and OEMs have responded to these requirements with a great number of innovations that include: electric hybrid power trains, cooled high and low pressure systems for exhaust gas recirculation and boost system improvements, both of which improve an engine's combustion characteristics.
Q: Where do you see power train controller design going?
L) has released an overview of its major next-generation power train technology and fuel economy targets for motorcycles, automobiles, and power products due to be introduced within the 9th Mid-term Plan (April 2005 to March 2008).
But MG Rover said yesterday it was still keen to buy the Midland Power Train plant from BMW.
American Axle forges about 15,000 axle shafts a day for Ford's Sterling Heights power train plant, which turns the shafts into rear axles for light trucks and rear-wheel-drive Ford and Lincoln vehicles, industry sources said.
To make a true super car, Leo developed a new electric power train which will exceed its precedents in acceleration capability while passing other cars in the speed lane and long up-hill driving.
Additional research and development is under way, and technicians are installing the power train in a Mercedes.
He registered more than 56 patents of Electric Vehicle technology including EV power train, Zinc Air Fuel Cell Generator, and Battery Management System.
a leading specialty distributor of highly-engineered fluid power and power train products, to an affiliate of Brinkmere Capital Partners, LLC.
With the commissioning of the new plant, Leo will supply all major solutions of the Electric Vehicle (EV) power train including high power electric motors, battery power packs with battery management system, and power controllers.
Caterpillar opened its 23,000-square-meter power train facility in Wuxi to produce axles, transmissions and final drives for use in a range of Caterpillar earthmoving and mining machinery.
Leo will develop the electric tractor using its proprietary electric power train including an electric motor, controller, battery management system (BMS), and power pack, and exploiting its unique electric car packaging technology.
Consisting of a proprietary motor, controller and battery pack, the 120kW power train incorporates Leo's innovative power management solutions designed to control vehicles better than their ICE counterparts.