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If testing does not suggest a way to improve the power supply, NASA still has two key options for salvaging the spectrograph, says Goddard astrophysicist Sara R.
A second option would involve a fix in space, attaching a working power supply to the spectrograph and leaving the faulty supply intact but disconnected.
A newer method of determining the ground's position uses the furnace's normal power supply voltage.
Because this method of locating ground faults uses operating power supply voltage, there is no need to isolate the coil from the power supply.
Table 5 - Worldwide Embedded AC-DC Power Supply Market, by Package (millions of units) .
Table 6 - Worldwide Embedded AC-DC Power Supply Market, by Design Type (millions of units) .
The acceptance and recognition of the WayCool technology by CUI for use in their current power supply solutions and the opportunity to co-develop the next generation of solutions with a firm of the stature of CUI is very exciting to us and bodes well for the penetration into this very large and expanding market," stated OnScreen CEO Russell Wall.
Control4's Low Voltage Power Supply plans to ship in the fourth quarter of 2006 and will retail for $39.
The process of selecting power supply products can be very complex, but our team of specialists in combination with the new Power Supply Value-Added Center are turning customers' specifications into market-ready products on time and on budget," said Bob Brenner, director, Value-Add and Logistics, Arrow North American Components.
While PNW and APS's credit metrics are consistent with slightly higher rated peers, the ratings also reflect the potential negative financial impact and liquidity challenges resulting from high and volatile variable costs due to the utility's growing reliance on natural gas and purchased power, and provisions that limit recovery of power supply costs under APS's commission-approved Power Supply Adjustor (PSA).
Credit weaknesses center on Tri-State's increasing short power supply position, upward rate pressure due to high natural gas and spot electricity market prices, and substantial capital infrastructure needs going forward.
ERS) established a formal, cooperative relationship that will continue to enable the delivery of cost-effective high-efficiency power supply solutions to the market.
DALLAS -- New 220 watt LCD-TV power supply solution delivers standby power of less than 1 watt
This energy-efficient 160 W reference design addresses all functional blocks of the power supply and meets international regulations for low standby power dissipation.