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the organization of people at different ranks in an administrative body

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China is our time tested friend which supported Pakistan when other countries refused to help, he said adding it is true that China is changing power structure of the world.
He also told the parliamentarians that he wants to broad base the power structure and the decision making process in the Congress.
A new geopolitical region in Southwest Asia is emerging based on which the international power structure will be changed," Rezayee said in a conference in Iran's Northwestern city of Tabriz, and stated that the new structure will replace the Middle-East in the world geopolitics.
This article discusses the implications and the power structures inherent in this relatively undocumented but influential change in the structuring of the World Wide Web and is an attempt to scan the field from a critical, humanist perspective.
Auteuil's deadpan preening makes the recycled gags about miscalculated sexual leanings bearable, and the comedy is further boosted by the revelation that the helpful Belone is actually taking his revenge on the heterosexual power structure that made his own working life miserable.
But he noted that it remains to be seen whether Koizumi, who will replace the hugely unpopular Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, can live up to public expectations as the LDP's power structure reflects numerous vested interests.
You must be a bit of a sleuth to understand the political power structure of an organization.
The "destructive tension inherent in this disjunction" has not allowed a community-oriented, consultative vision to emerge in the Church; rather a hierarchical power structure has obtained.
It is extremely rare, however, for the shifting power structure of the relationship between creator and interpreter to be explicitly articulated.
The power structure will use hate-speech regulations and censorship laws against the very groups that are themselves the most marginalized: women, minorities, lesbians and gay men.
The old community power studies of the 1960s and early 1970s tended to classify communities as governed by either an elite or plural power structure.
In January 1993, the leadership of the Nation changed political hands peacefully as the power structure that had existed for a dozen years gave way to a new one.
The point is an important one: what is at issue is not the personal inclinations of those in power but the nature of the power structure that put them there.
In fact, the main supporters of Billy Payne's Olympics effort comprise virtually the entire Atlanta business and political power structure are the key not only to Atlanta's Olympic bid triumph, but to the success of the city itself.
Field irrigation for growing food and the rise of a centralized political power structure did not occur at the site until considerably after the urban flowering of El Paraiso, the research team concludes.