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a machine for excavating

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The same danger that exists for a worker using a power shovel or backhoe with an unsecured load exists for a worker using a front-end loader with an unsecured load.
The metalcasting facility of Marion Power Shovel, Marion, Ohio, is only steps away from reopening its doors after being shut down eight years ago.
As the power shovel scooped up the bottles, fumes rose into the air, but workers took little note.
In the early 1940s I was repairing and sometimes operating a little power shovel said to be a Universal.
The cash dispenser was later found along with a truck equipped with a small power shovel about 3 kilometers away in a building material storage lot near the Gotemba exit of the Tomei expressway.
As I was reading the article about the Lessmann Power Shovel (Farm Collector, December 2005) I noticed the machine was built in Des Moines, Iowa.
Police officers rushed to the scene to find it knocked down and moved from its original location by a hydraulic power shovel.
Assessment of Accident Risk During Haulage Truck and Power Shovel Maintenance and Recommendations for Improved Safety BuMines IC 9246, 1990, 7 pp.
Model H-5 Power Shovel at the salvage yard, he jumped at the chance to buy it.
was placed on the driver's seat of a power shovel and was operated by the system, the company said.
Tools & Hardware top sellers were the Black & Decker 25' Auto Tape Measure, the Strait-Line Intersect Laser Level, the Porter-Cable Finish & Brad Nailer Combo Kit, and the Toro Electric Power Shovel Plus.
Also stored at the LeSeuer County Pioneer Power Showgrounds is a 1950 power shovel that John counts among dozens of other sorts of machines that he's brought back to life over time.
Koichi Ikeda, 33, a former senior member of a gangster group, and 10 other men were arrested on suspicion of stealing a power shovel from a site in Saitama Prefecture, just north of Tokyo, in late October 1999.
A power shovel left running near the booth is believed to have been used in the robbery, police said.
Pro forma for the pending $40 million acquisition of some assets of competitor Marion Power Shovel Co.