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Following her removal from her home, over the course of the next few days, her body was cut up with a knife and a power saw, the parts carefully packaged and then moved to another address to prevent them being found and lawfully buried, where they were intended to be stored probably temporarily until a final solution could be found.
Edryd Jones, of Ferndale, who had his hand reattached after cutting it off with a power saw, with neighbours Robert |Edwards and Alison Samuel who came to his aid 120515MITRESAW_24 PETER BOLTER
In September 2006, the couple used a power saw to cut out holes in one of their tenant's living rooms while the renter was still inside the unit.
HIT: Officers use a power saw as they target a house in Knowsley Village
The trees were brought down in large numbers with power saws, he added.
However, Max Power saw his spot-kick saved and the game went into extra-time.
Thieves broke into the out-building of a property in Aireyholme Lane and stole the distinctively-marked chainsaw, power saw and strimmer.
Strips of the new aerogel could line robotic fingers and hands to make them super-sensitive and give them the ability to distinguish between holding a power saw or a scalpel - a distinction obviously helpful while performing surgery, for example.
The surgeon is accused of a catalogue of failings, including uncontrolled use of a power saw and failing to communicate effectively with his colleagues.
The Globe reported that more than 50 lawsuits are pending throughout the nation "against table saw manufacturers for failure to adopt the technology, which would stop a power saw blade almost instantly upon contact with human flesh.
The violations included the use by employees of a power saw to cut a fuel tank that contained explosive vapors or materials and improper training in the use of a fire extinguisher and the handling and use of hazardous chemicals.
Haye's raw punching power saw him dismantle veteran American Monte Barrett.
For more than 270 years, the Merrimack Village Dam helped power saw mills, gristmills and a shoe factory while providing water for a chemical factory.
According to reports, emergency services were called when the man severed his fingers whilst using a power saw to cut through metal at the construction site in Sharjah.
A firefighter turned on a power saw and put it close to the door of an electrical vault just before the explosion in a Westchester building that killed him, a witness said Thursday.