power politics

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diplomacy in which the nations threaten to use force in order to obtain their objectives

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To attain these goals it must rise above its thirst for power politics and come to terms with a world it has not made but in which it must live.
The Catholic Church and power politics in Latin America; the Dominican case in comparative perspective.
Alpert, Weaver and the third Valley representative on the seven-person Neighborhood Empowerment Commission owe it to the entire Valley to not let themselves be steamrollered by downtown power politics.
Old-fashioned power politics is becoming increasingly obsolete because it conflicts with the imperatives of global capitalism.
Councilman Joel Wachs, who supports the changes, said the mobilization of opposition was a clear example of City Hall power politics.
For the moment, forget about the power politics and imagine yourself having to answer this question.
Rather, coming from a Realist perspective, he looks at the power politics involved, but he also challenges conventional Realists by arguing that they can be optimists about NATO.
But Democrats claim that power politics is the real reason and that Republicans favor activist courts, too, as long as they like the results.
By in effect banishing power politics, NATO and America's East Asian alliances protected the states of Western Europe and East Asia from themselves.
Journalist and Arab and Islamic scholar Keating describes the intrigue and power politics surrounding the discovery of oil fields in the Arabian peninsula between the world wars.
Even his resistance to Moscow seems not so much a moral grappling as a matter of power politics -- the story of a wannabe Stalin seeking his own path to total control.
From galloping gauchos to massive masses of urban workers, Parker splays it all across the screen with a rich, giddy abandon that cinematically evokes the woozy power politics that the Perons lived and breathed.
These 23 research papers from the International Association of Ladakh Studies work within the disciplines of history, art history, linguistics and anthropology to cover such topics as the position of Ladakhi and Balti in the Tibetan language family, the early Buddhist and Islamic heritage, boundary development, links with Turkistan, trade and migrant labor, social networks and trade, and the impermanence of village power politics in the region.
brought down by the venality of power politics involving his own government and the government of the United States.
It took the Irish and the Italians in the northern neighborhoods a couple of generations to work up through the wards and the sinecures and into national power politics, while Miami exiles were admitted into the Oval Office, into clandestine discussions, since the earliest days of the war against Castro.