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Strategic Analysis of Russian Power Plant Services Market
Quinones said that the although conservation efforts like green buildings, cogeneration and cash incentives from NYSERDA (New York State Energy and Development Authority) are an important source of energy, new power plants are critically needed.
Nothing happens quickly in the world of power plant construction.
The amount needed to fuel the two coal-fired power plants would be less than one percent of what nature adds each year.
And we almost have a direct tie-in to this power plant, so in case of emergency we have a reliable power plant available.
By the time Bush took office, even many environmentalists were searching for market-based "cap-and-trade" programs to curb power plant pollution rather than pursuing the traditional regimen of Clean Air Act enforcement.
Although construction costs for a gas-fired power plant are typically about a third less than for a coal-powered plant, the current high cost of natural gas defeats that initial advantage.
7 Xiaomoshan / Jiulongshan nuclear power plant in Hunan
Typically, she says, this heating is done with natural gas, but the EERC researchers will try to use waste heat from the power plant itself.
The Southland's 14 power plants have worked full steam ahead since January to assist the state energy crisis.
The nation's nuclear power plants have for years operated under inadequate safety guidelines, and existing guidelines have been applied inconsistently, according to a report released last week by the General Accounting Office.
They are also far more expensive than a natural gas-fired power plant, and they need a suitable site: a lower reservoir, a suitable elevation gain, and a place for an upper reservoir.
New power plant projects are expected to focus on the initial establishment of simple cycle power plants, subsequently converting them into combined cycle power plants.
Upper Gorge Power Plant stands nine miles below the dam, Middle Gorge Power Plant at 12 miles and Control Gorge Power Plant at 18 miles, on the north end of Pleasant Valley Reservoir.
CES), a provider of zero-emissions power plant technology, announced today that it completed the first closing of the sale of up to 13 millions dollars of its Series A preferred stock to Paxton Corporation (Paxton) and Quadrise Canada Corporation (Quadrise), both of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.