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a device for converting a power supply to a voltage required by particular equipment

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The 256-pound hydraulic power pack can efficiently power a wide assortment of handheld hydraulic tools and breakers for various construction, utility and demolition projects.
Power packs used with the D-TRONplus Insulin Pump have been recalled because of the risk they could shut down without warning, interrupting insulin delivery to the patient, according the manufacturer.
The power pack recharges from a standard household outlet in about 36 hours or from a car or boat in just 4 hours.
5 Plug-In Power Pack is available now for GBP19+VAT from http://downloadcentre.
The power pack weighs less than 8 ounces, is about the size of a deck of cards, and is expected to have an average runtime of roughly two hours.
Stylishly designed in white and with a comprehensive adapter kit, the new Platinum Rechargeable Power Pack is a complete and innovative solution for portable high-tech devices.
Brewed by Belgium's De Brabandere Brewery, the Sour Power Pack of Petrus beers includes the following:
Hydrogenics HyPX Power Pack incorporates a hybrid fuel cell power solution, fueled by hydrogen, to deliver a zero-emission "plug and play" lead acid battery replacement for forklift trucks.
General Hydrogen Corporation, a developer of fuel cell power packs and hydrogen fueling solutions, recently announced the sale of a Hydricity power pack to Houston, TX-based Cat Lift Trucks, which plans to use the system in a Class I battery-powered forklift.
After doing so, the hydraulic hose can be uncoupled from the clamp, reducing clutter and allowing the hydraulic power pack and controller to be used on another machine.
The GOAL ZERO Guide 10 Adventure Kit consists of an AA and AAA-compatible power pack and a 7-watt solar panel system composed of mono-crystalline solar cells, providing the highest return electricity rate of any currently available solar technology.
A power pack added to the McLaughlin 500-, 800-, and 1,200-gallon units make the air/ water combination possible.
The company said an earlier project at the Air Canada facility used the same power pack to significantly extend the operating time and performance of a battery-powered forklift.
LAS VEGAS -- GOAL ZERO, an innovator of portable solar power systems, today introduced the GOAL ZERO Guide 10 rechargeable power pack and Guide 10 Adventure Kit, delivering its most cost-effective, compact and lightweight solar energy system to date.
Primary components consist of a power pack equipped with a gas engine, centrifugal pump and venturi mixing hopper.