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a meter for measuring the amount of electric power used

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Smart Power Meters like PM-3133-240 can be used in energy monitoring applications for home automation and building automation.
A power meter measures how much power you are getting from your body to the road," independent of external conditions like hills, wind, or even what you had for lunch, he added.
STMicroelectronics (NYSE:STM) one of the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers and the number one supplier worldwide of power-management solutions, has announced that it has been chosen by Enel, Italy's largest power company, to provide the semiconductor components for new electronic power meters destined for distribution in Spain.
The Power Meter relies on "smart meters" as a data source, therefore Google's first target were utilities which are installing or have already installed smart meters in their customers' homes.
The power meter business unit of Actions was established in 2002, and currently accounts for a small percentage of total revenue.
In conjunction with the NIST absolute standard calorimeters, this new system allows NIST to perform accurate power meter calibration over a much larger power range than previously existed at our facility.
The market is characterized by two main products: power meters and energy management systems.
This cost-effective optical power meter features a dust and water resistant design, a low battery warning and quick response time without requiring warm-up.
The new power meter is much smaller-about the size of a crock pot rather than a refrigerator.
The application note points out that the uncertainty in the calibration of power meters can be reduced by one order of magnitude when the technique is used to correct for source and power meter mismatches.
With the peak and average power measurement capabilities of a power meter, these compact high-performance sensors allow engineers to test devices faster and with greater efficiency and accuracy.
com) has announced the release of its compact optical power meter used for absolute power measurement as well as relative loss measurement of optical fibers.
This work, which has been submitted to Metrologia, is part of an ongoing effort to reduce the overall uncertainty of laser and optical fiber power meter (OFPM) calibrations.
Part of the company's award-winning ControlScope[TM] wireless platform, Pervasive Metering enables customers to easily add standard Modbus[R] power meters to measure and visualize power usage, reducing the added cost of a dedicated power meter infrastructure.